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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – A Journey to War Walkthrough

A Journey to War Walkthrough

Reach Megaris. Notice three Athenian ships near the land. Destroy them – focus on weaker ships. Approach them from a side and ram into them. You can board larger ships when their “health” goes down to zero. Defeat their crews to collect valuable items/resources.

You finally reach the land. Watch two cut-scenes and then speak with Stentor. Regardless of your dialog choices, you must prove your worth if you want to meet with your father. The game now shows you a few new mechanics: how to pay bounty for your head, how to conquer areas and how to weaken a region’s military strength. The quest is now complete and you receive 1,900 XP.

Your new objective is to weaken Athenian forces in Megaris. Try to complete all “optional” steps related to that objective. They are rather short but they will reward you with a lot of XP. They will also make the upcoming battle easier for you.

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