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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Mycenaen Tomb of Ajax

Mycenaen Tomb of Ajax

Tomb location: Attika, Isle of Salamis.

Enter the tomb and continue forward. Smash the wall. Continue downward along the corridor and then turn left.

Continue forward – after you avoid the trap at the ramification, turn left. Kill the snakes and open the chest with the treasure.

Return to the corridor and run to the other side – you will reach a chamber with three cracks. Enter the one to your right (looking from the entrance) and search the chest.

Go back and head to the crack Ahead. Continue forward and avoid any traps/snakes. After a while, you will reach a room with a hole in the floor. Jump down to find the chest and the Ancient Stela.

Move the wooden shelf and go to the other side. Turn left and run towards the exit along the previously visited corridors.

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