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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Mysterious Malady Walkthrough

Mysterious Malady

You will start this mission by talking to a stranger. He will ask you to help a doctor.

The doctor is not far away. However, you have to free her from the hands of the tormentors. When you kill all enemies, you must free the doctor and obtain a list of herbs you need.

To get medication you have to go to great waters. Enter your ship and destroy two enemy ships moving around the waters. After the boarding on both ships you will collect the necessary resources and you will be able to return to your quest giver.

During the conversation you will have an opportunity to make a choice, you can attack the chosen character – Magistrate or Doctor. You cannot get rid of two characters. If you make a choice, the other character will escape.

After defeating your opponents, talk to Natakas and go on to the next task.

Next up is Revealing the Recruiter.

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