Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Snake in the Grass Walkthrough

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

Snake in the Grass Walkthrough

After completing the previous quests, you are finally able to locate Elpenor’s whereabouts. You will find him in the Farsalos Fortress. As you can easily guess, the place is well guarded. Inside you’ll find lots of soldiers, so it’s worth attacking from hiding and stay undetected.

In the end you will reach your goal – unfortunately, it will turn out that he is a substituted man. In the corpse you will find a letter which reveals the true location of Elpenor.

Arrive to the Valley of the Snake and get to the cave.

The man will be waiting for you. After you get there, he will throw himself into the battle. Elpenor is a pretty good warrior, so stay alert. It’s best to attack him with shots in his head and keep a distance. Talk to the dying man and the mission will come to an end granting you +4125 XP.

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