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Atelier Ryza Alchemy and Tools Guide

Alchemy and Tools Guide for Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout. Note: this guide work in progress. (Make sure to check back often because we’ll be updating this post)



  • Green Supplement (Lv1)

Beginner’s Book

  • Red Supplement (Lv1)
  • Blue Supplement (Lv1)
  • Yellow Supplement (Lv1)
  • Explosive Uni (Lv2)
  • Grass Beans (Lv2)
  • Bomb (Lv6)

My First Dessert

Buy from Fressher for 100 Cole.

  • Flour (Lv3)
  • Honey (Lv4)

Kurken Fashion

Buy from Fressher for 150 Cole.

  • Kurken Sweats (Lv6)
  • Noble Tunic (Lv7)
  • Leather Protector (Lv8)

Recipe Morph

  • Handmade Staff (Lv4)
  • Stake Hammer (Lv4)
  • Weathered Sword (Lv5)
  • Ice Caltrop (Lv4, Explosive Uni, Blue Supplement)
  • Craft (Lv4, Explosive Uni, Red Supplement)
  • Dry Biscuit (Lv4, Grass Beans, Flour)
  • Eltz Sugar (Lv4, Honey, Nectar Rock)
  • Blessing Ointment (Lv5, Grass Beans, Bitter Root)
  • Ice Bomb (Lv8, Ice Caltrop, Aqua Ore)
  • Colossal Edge (Lv8, Weathered Sword, Bronze Eisen)
  • Clairempathy (Lv9, Stake Hammer, Bronze Eisen)
  • Helioprox (Lv10, Handmade Staff, Bronze Eisen)
  • Puni Jelly (Lv12, Dry Biscuit, Gelatin Powder)
  • Sundry Remedy (Lv13, Honey, Spring Princess)
  • Chain Vest (Lv13, Kurken Sweats or Noble Tunic, Natural Cloth)
  • Border Scale (Lv14, Leather Protector, Natural Cloth)
  • Skuller Coat (Lv16, Noble Tunic, Beastial Air)
  • Poison Cube (Lv20, Flour, Beast Venom Pouch)
  • Rose Bomb (Lv27, Bomb, Gunpowder Base)

Materials Refined

  • Cloth (Lv2)
  • Polish Powder (Lv2)
  • Ingot (Lv4)
  • Reaper’s Scythe (Lv4, Ingot, Large Bone)
  • Alchemy Fibers (Lv6, Cloth, Cotton Grass)
  • Energy Pendant (Lv8, Polish Powder, Unknown Gemstone)
  • Bronze Eisen (Lv8, Ingot, Koberinite)
  • Natural Cloth (Lv9, Cloth, Alchemy Fibers)
  • Thorny Embrace (Lv11, Alchemy Fibers, Kumine Poison)
  • Pearl Crystal (Lv13, Polish Powder, Shell Pearl)
  • Heaven’s String (Lv31, Alchemy Fibers, Holy Stone Fragment)

Gathering Methods

  • Woodcutter’s Axe (Lv5)
  • Fishing Rod (Lv10)
  • Hammer (Lv13)
  • Bug Net (Lv14)
  • Scythe Axe (Lv15, Reaper’s Scythe, Woodcutter’s Axe)
  • Fishing Rod Net (Lv22, Fishing Rod, Bug Net)
  • Bomb Rod (Lv28)
  • Bomb Hammer (Lv36, Hammer, Bomb Rod)

Common Paper Recipe

Quest: Replacement Crystal – Old Town Pat.

  • Zettel (Lv9)
  • Traveler’s Water Orb (Lv22, Zettel, Foamy Water)

Solid Fuel Recipe

Quest: Handyman in Need – Boden District Rolf.

  • Mixing Oil (Lv10)
  • Fish Oil (Lv7, Mixing Oil, Sardine)
  • Alchemy Paint (Lv15, Mixing Oil, Rainbow Grape)


ToolUnlockEarliest you can craftEffectRare items to max effects
Reaper’s ScytheIngot > Reaper’s ScytheAlmost immediatelyGathering items
Woodcutter’s AxeMain Quest Book after ScytheAlmost immediatelyGathering items
HammerMain Quest Book after ScytheEthereal Stone from Weissberg Volcano or Meteor Castle
Written by Mihir

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