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Backpack Battles Guide: Game Basics, Tips, and Recipes

Backpack Battles Guide: Game Basics, Tips, and Recipes

Backpack Battles is a simple game, where you build your backpack with items to create stronger backpack build than the opponents’.

Randomness is part of the game, where player will be challenged to build using random items given by the shopkeeper, and then to fight randomly matched players.

This guide will explain basics on how the game works and how it is played.

Battle System

  • The game is uses asynchronous PvP battle system.
  • This means that players are not fighting the opponent players live.
  • Players’ backpack are saved to the server, and it is recalled to face another for certain time frame.
  • The time frame how long a build is saved and used in the battles is not specified.

Since the game is not a live PvP, you are able to play the game at your own pace, without any countdown timer.

If you wish to continue the game at later time/date, you can press ESC(or setting) to exit the game and continue later.

Game Basics, Guide, and Recipes

Note, however that conceding a ranked game will result in penalty.

Game Basics, Guide, and Recipes

Game Mode

Backpack Battle has two game modes: ranked and unranked.

Ranked Game
Your objective is to win games to climb the ladder.
The higher the rank you become, more challenging it is to win the rounds.
As already said, if you concede a game, you will take rank penalty.

Game Basics, Guide, and Recipes

The rank order is as follows:

Game Basics, Guide, and Recipes

Bronze > Silver > Gold > Platinum > Diamond > Master > Grandmaster > Grandma

Numbers in the badge is your progress in the rank tier.

Reaching 100 will move you to the next tier in the rank.

Unranked Game
You have no ladder, no penalty for conceding.
You may play at ease to test builds and quit the run whenever you’d like.

Game Phases

There are two phases to the game run: Item shop and Battle.

Phase 1: Backpack and Item Building

When you start a game mode, you will be taken to Furcifer’s shop.

Game Basics, Guide, and Recipes

  • Using the Gold you have, you can buy items in Furcier’s shop.
  • To buy an item, left click an item, and drag an item to your inventory or the storage.
  • To refresh the shop items to another set of random items, click and pull down the Reroll rope.

Game Basics, Guide, and Recipes

Item Reserving
You are able to right click on item’s price tag or left click on the item in the shop to reserve it.
Reserved item(s) will not be refreshed when you pull down the reroll rope.
Reserved item(s) are retained to next time you visit the shop.

Item Combining
Whenever an item is able to combine with another item, it will show blue line when you hover over it.

Game Basics, Guide, and Recipes

Whenever items are next to another that are part of the recipe, it will show thin gold line.

Game Basics, Guide, and Recipes

Once all the recipes are next to each other, you’ll see a thick gold line.

Game Basics, Guide, and Recipes

When you return to the shop next round, item will combine to an item.

Item Locking
If you wish to prevent item to combine, you can lock it by right clicking on the item.

Game Basics, Guide, and Recipes

Backpack item user interaction:

  • Multiple selection : left click hold, drag to select multiple items
  • To rotate an item : hold left click on item, and Either right click (or key ‘r’) or key ‘E’.

Other interactions and options can be viewed in game Settings.

Furcifer will give you game tips time to time, or you can click him to get more tips.

Game Basics, Guide, and Recipes

When you are ready for battle, you can click on ‘Start Backpack Battle’ banner.

If you accidentally clicked start or wishes to make changes, you can click anywhere on the screen to stop the battle from starting.

Phase 2: Battle

Battle will be held without any user intervention. Battle is automatic.
Player may change speed of the game using the battle speed bar.

Player may click on ‘Open Log’, to view the battle log.
You may view battle stats in it, and view each battle actions it step by step.

If you’ve forgotten or wishes to change item lock for recipe combination, you may do it in this phase as well.

Rounds and Survival Mode

Each round consists of item shop and battle.

Each game run gives you 5 Hearts.
When your heart runs out, the game run is lost/completed.

You will have 10 rounds to fight against the opponent builds.
Whenever you win a round in a game run, you gain a trophy.
If you survive up ’til 10 rounds, you will be given option to continue as Survival Mode.

Game Basics, Guide, and Recipes

You are able to play up to 18 rounds in Survival Mode.

After the run has completed, your trophies will be summed up, and be rewarded to you.
Using the trophies, you are able to purchase your character(s)’ cosmetics at Wardrobe


Item recipes are by default grayed out inside the game.

Whenever you combine items to discover the recipe, the recipe item in recipe page gets updated, and will no longer grayed out.

You may play blindly to figure out recipe yourself, or view the recipe list to fast-forward your gameplay.

List of Recipes

Platinum Customer CardAccessoryCustomer Card + Customer Card
Heart of DarknessAccessoryHeart Container + Corrupted Crystal
Cartão de cliente de PlatinaAcessórioCartão de Cliente + Cartão de Cliente
Coração das TrevasAcessórioCoração + Cristal Corrompido
Armadura CorrompidaArmaduraArmadura Sagrada + Cristal Corrompido
Armadura VampíricaArmaduraArmadura de Couro + Amuleto de Sangue
Stone ArmorArmorLeather Armor + Stone Skin Potion
Corrupted ArmorArmorHoly Armor + Corrupted Crystal
Moon ArmorArmorHoly Armor + Mana Orb
Vampiric ArmorArmorLeather Armor + Blood Amulet
Gloves of PowerGlovesGloves of Haste + Stone Skin Potion
Vampiric GlovesGlovesGloves of Haste + Blood Amulet
Stone HelmHelmetCap of Resilience + Stone Skin Potion
Cap of DiscomfortHelmetCap of Resilience + Corrupted Crystal
Claws of AttackMelee WeaponGloves of Haste + Walrus Tusk
CrossbladesMelee WeaponFalcon Blade + Hero Longsword
Falcon BladeMelee WeaponHero Sword + 2x Gloves of Haste
Hero LongswordMelee WeaponHero Sword + 2x Whetstone
Hero SwordMelee WeaponWooden Sword + 2x Whetstone
Poison DaggerMelee WeaponDagger + Pestilence Flask
ShovelMelee WeaponBroom + Pan
TorchMelee WeaponWooden Sword + Lump of Coal
DarksaberMelee WeaponLightsaber + Corrupted Crystal
PandamoniumMelee WeaponPan + Corrupted Crystal
EggscaliburMelee WeaponPan + Heroic Potion
Holy SpearMelee WeaponSpear + Glowing Crown
Spectral DaggerMelee WeaponDagger + Mana Potion
Magic TorchMelee WeaponTorch + Mana Potion
ManathirstMelee WeaponHungry Blade + Mana Orb
Bloody DaggerMelee WeaponDagger + Blood Amulet
BloodthorneMelee WeaponHungry Blade + Thorn Whip
Light GoobertPetGoobert + Lightsaber
Blood GoobertPetGoobert + Blood Amulet
Strong Health PotionPotionHealth Potion + Healing Herbs
Strong Heroic PotionPotionHeroic Potion + Banana
Strong Stone Skin PotionPotionStone Skin Potion + 2x Stone
Mana PotionPotionHealth Potion + Blueberries
Magic StaffRanged WeaponBroom + Mana Orb
Spiked ShieldShieldWooden Buckler + Walrus Tusk
Moon ShieldShieldShield of Valor + Mana Orb
arqueiroPorquinho da SorteAcessórioporwuinho + 2x Trevo da sorte
BerserkerDouble AxeMelee Weapon2x Axe
BerserkerCheese GoobertPetGoobert + Cheese
BerserkerRainbow Goobert Deathslushy MansquisherPetGoobert + Blood Goobert + Cheese Goobert + Light Goobert + Steel Goobert
PyromancerSun ArmorArmorHoly Armor + 2x Flame
PyromancerIce ArmorArmorLeather Armor + Spell Scroll: Frostbolt
PyromancerBurning BladeMelee WeaponBurning Sword + 2x Whetstone
PyromancerBurning SwordMelee WeaponHero Sword + 2x Flame
PyromancerFlame WhipMelee WeaponThorn Whip + 2x Flame
PyromancerMolten DaggerMelee WeaponDagger + 2x Flame
PyromancerMolten SpearMelee WeaponSpear + 2x Flame
PyromancerFrostbiteMelee WeaponHungry Blade + Spell Scroll: Frostbolt
PyromancerChili GoobertPetGoobert + Chili Pepper
PyromancerRainbow Goobert Epicglob UberviscousPetGoobert + Blood Goobert + Chili Goobert + Light Goobert + Steel Goobert
PyromancerStaff of FireRanged WeaponMagic Staff + Draconic Orb
PyromancerObsidian DragonRanged WeaponRuby Whelp + Draconic Orb
PyromancerSun ShieldShieldShield of Valor + 2x Flame
PyromancerFrozen BucklerShieldWooden Buckler + Spell Scroll: Frostbolt
RangerLucky PiggyAccessoryPiggybank + 2x Lucky Clover
RangerCarrot GoobertPetGoobert + 2x Carrot
RangerRainbow Goobert Megasludge AlphapuddlePetGoobert + Blood Goobert + Light Goobert + Carrot Goobert + Steel Goobert
RangerCritwood StaffRanged WeaponMagic Staff + Acorn Collar
RangerBelladonna’s ShadeRanged WeaponShortbow + Pestilence Flask
RangerBelladonna’s WhisperRanged WeaponBow and Arrow + Pestilence Flask
RangerFortuna’s GraceRanged WeaponBow and Arrow + 2x Lucky Clover
RangerFortuna’s HopeRanged WeaponShortbow + 2x Lucky Clover
RangerTusk PiercerRanged WeaponBow and Arrow + Walrus Tusk
RangerTusk PokerRanged WeaponShortbow + Walrus Tusk
ReaperPoison GoobertPetGoobert + 2x Fly Agaric
ReaperRainbow Goobert Omegaooze PrimeslimePetGoobert + Blood Goobert + Light Goobert + Poison Goobert + Steel Goobert
ReaperStrong Pestilence FlaskPotionPestilence Flask + Fly Agaric
ReaperStrong Demonic FlaskPotionDemonic Flask + Corrupted Crystal
ReaperStaff of UnhealingRanged WeaponMagic Staff + Demonic Flask
ReaperRuby ChonkRanged WeaponRuby Whelp + Holo Fire Lizard
Reaper • PyromancerIce DragonRanged WeaponRuby Whelp + White-Eyes Blue Dragon

List of Transformation

Some combinations transform an item into different form instead of combining both items. This is indicated by green lines. Some of this combinations do not show up in the recipe book. Also some items transform itself into different form – this indicates by cooldown meter.

Bunch of CoinsAccessoryPiggybank + Hammer
Burning CoalGemstoneLump of Coal + Fire
Burning TorchMelee WeaponTorch + Fire
Strong Health PotionPotionHealth Potion + Cauldron
Strong Heroic PotionPotionHeroic Potion + Cauldron
Strong Stone Skin PotionPotionStone Skin Potion + Cauldron
Ruby WhelpRanged WeaponRuby Egg + 2x rounds
BerserkerDragonscale ArmorArmorLeather Armor + Forging Hammer
BerserkerDragon ClawsGlovesGloves of Haste + Forging Hammer
BerserkerBusted BladeMelee WeaponImpractically Large Greatsword + Forging Hammer
BerserkerChain WhipMelee WeaponThorn Whip + Forging Hammer
BerserkerArmored Courage PuppyMelee WeaponCourage Puppy + Forging Hammer
BerserkerArmored Power PuppyPetPower Puppy + Forging Hammer
BerserkerArmored Wisdom PuppyPetWisdom Puppy + Forging Hammer
BerserkerDragonskin BootsShoesLeather Boots + Forging Hammer
PyromancerAmethyst WhelpRanged WeaponAmethyst Egg + 2x rounds
PyromancerEmerald WhelpRanged WeaponEmerald Egg + 2x rounds
PyromancerSapphire WhelpRanged WeaponSapphire Egg + 2x rounds
ReaperStrong Pestilence FlaskPotionPestilence Flask + Cauldron
ReaperStrong Demonic FlaskPotionDemonic Flask + Cauldron
ReaperStrong Divine PotionPotionDivine Potion + Cauldron
ReaperStrong Mana PotionPotionMana Potion + Cauldron
ReaperStrong Vampiric PotionPotionVampiric Potion + Cauldron
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