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Baldur’s Gate 3 Investigate The Beach Walkthrough

Investigate The Beach Walkthrough

  • When you approach the beach, there’s a Tiefling boy lured by the song of Harpy. 
  • Defeat the harpies, and talk to the boy. He’d like you to find a child named Doni.
  • Follow the coastal path, you can find the harpy’s nest and some treasures.
  • Doni can be found on the way to the Hollow.
  • The hatch to TIefling Hideout is right behind Doni. Get in there and talk to the kids to complete the quest. If you have done enough good to the Tieflings (Save Arabella), their leader Mol will give you another quest Steal the Sacred Idol.

Investigate The Beach Objectives

  1. Investigate the music
  2. Help the child
  3. Speak with the child
  4. Find Doni

How To Unlock Quest

  • Tiefling child at the beach, Secluded Cove.

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