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5 Steps to Recruit Minthara in a Good Playthrough | Baldur’s Gate 3

Knock her out correctly: 5 Steps to Recruit Minthara in a Good Playthrough.

Baldur’s Gate 3 How to Recruit Minthara

1. Condition: Temporary Hostile

When you knock her out, she has to be only Temporary Hostile. Best done after you convince her that you are on her side.

Recruit Minthara | Good Playthrough

Halsin must not be in your party when you do this!

You must not let her know that you are against the raid!

2. Condition: Knock Her Out

Make sure to toggle the passive and use melee attacks to achieve that.

Recruit Minthara | Good Playthrough
Recruit Minthara | Good Playthrough

Only then she will remain alive with 1HP left.

3. Condition: Halsin’s Quest Completion

While Minthara is unconcious deal with the rest of Halsin’s quest, eliminating the other Goblin leaders and then finish resolving Halsin’s quest.

Do not use a Long Rest until Halsin’s quest is completed.

To be on the safe side avoid Fast Traveling as well. But a Long Rest before the quest is completed (party) is a sure way to fail the recruitment efforts.

4. Condition: Prevent Her Execution

At Moonrise Tower she will be put on trial. Succeed the check to have her put into prison instead execution.

5. Condition: Rescue Her

Free her from prison with combat or talking your way out.

You must not use Fast Travel at any point until you are out of the area of influence of Moonrise Towers.

Once all conditions are met she will be meetable at camp and become your permanent companion.

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