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Barotrauma Simple Camera System

I couldn’t find any English language guides on camera or surveillance systems, so here’s an example of one I made from scratch. How else can you know what shenanigans those pesky bots and clowns are up to?

What you need

This guide isn’t going to explain how to use the submarine editor, you’ll have to learn that elsewhere or by yourself. Sorry.

In addition to a periscope and n cameras, you need these components:

  • 1 Relay component for each camera (to control camera signal source)
  • 1 Signal component for each camera (to allow each Relay to turn itself off on click)
  • 1 Delay component for each camera (with 1 or 0.5 delay, it’s up to you)

I recommend actually finishing your sub and deciding where you want cameras instead of building the whole damn thing around your new camera system. 😛

The only thing you’ll have to change for properties of these components is to turn the first Relay in the daisy chain ON in the editor (they are on by default) and turn all the other Relays OFF.

Simple Camera System

When done properly, the camera control will begin with the last Relay in the chain and allow for all cameras to loop one after another with a mouse click.


Here’s how the wiring for each component goes.

Please read thoroughly!


Wire from periscope position_out pin to each Relay’s signal_in_1 pin.

Wire from periscope trigger_out pin to each Relay’s signal_in_2 pin.

The trigger signal must also be wired to the first Relay separately (trigger_out -> toggle_state)!

Simple Camera System

As mentioned above, the first Relay must also be set to be ON in the editor while subsequent Relays must be turned OFF. The loop cannot be repeated if this is not done correctly.

Relay components

The image shows how the wiring looks for the first Relay component! All other Relays have one less wire on the toggle_state pin.

From each Relay, wire from signal_in_1 pin to the camera control_in pin.

Wire from signal_in_2 pin to each Relay’s paired Signal and Delay components’ signal_in pin.

Simple Camera System

All other relay components should be identical except that they lack the trigger_out signal from periscope that goes straight into toggle_state.

Signal check components

The Signal check is just there to loop the signal so the Relay will turn itself off when it receives trigger input and allows the next Relay in line to handle the outputs from periscope.

Wire signal_out from each Signal check back to its source Relay’s toggle_state pin.

Simple Camera System

Delay components

You can change the Delay to your liking in the component properties. I prefer 0.5 second delay.

Wire signal_out from each Delay to the next Relay’s toggle_state pin.

Simple Camera System

Recording of the camera system in action

With 0.5 delay


So the gist of the wiring is to simply pass on control from each Relay and view from each camera to the next with a mouse click.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions on improvements. 🙂 I know this is not much of a guide but if you learn the basics of submarine editor and wiring stuff, you should be able to build this on your own. I might release the system on the Workshops at some point as well. Thanks for reading!

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