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Battle Chef Brigade All Achievements / Full Walkthrough

How to earn all achievements.

Play the game to get these achievements

Well Practiced
Win the practice match against Thrash

Loyal Assistant
Obtain a sample of Ambrosia

Join the Brigade as Mina

A Family Reunited

Until Next Time
Complete Story Mode

Heroine of Victusia
Complete Story Mode on Hard

Self explanatory

Fully Stocked
Stock your pantry with 30 ingredients in one match

Obtain extra points from a Judge for using any Expertise Tome 5 times

Decked Out
Buy 15 items

Friendly Competition
Achieve 10 Daily Cook-Off victories

Complete all of Pontida’s Jobs

Complete all of Thorn’s Hunts

Complete all of Belchior’s Puzzles
If you need help go to this super guide:

Butter My Biscuits!
Beat the game without losing a match
Quit the game before losing if you lose.


Deflect 10 projectiles with a heavy attack

  • To do a heavy attack start walking and immediatly after do a physical attack.

Who’s Hungry?
Consume 10 ingredients in one match
As Thrash use his consume ability.

Light on Her Feet
Kill 3 enemies without touching the ground

  • Kirin’s winged boots help a lot with the double jump ability.
  • A easy way to get this is in the cavern go up left and attack the 3 enemy until it need one hit to kill then use the stomp ability on the three.

Monster Mash
Use Thrash’s Heavy Attack to smash a monster into 3 others
The dark kingdom area is the best place for this one

Fast Food
Win a round with over 2 minutes remaining on the match clock
Master Expertise: Speed can be usefull

Michelin Starred
Make a dish worth 450 points or more
Make a 400* with the good element or use some expertise to make it easier.

You Rogue!
Win a duel without using the theme ingredient
Use expertises or/and play in a easy difficulty

Brigade Veteran
Achieve a total round score of 1000 points or more
Do it with 3 judges

It’s Bouncy!

Jump 10 times on the bed.

Reach a combo multiplier of 10

  • The hardest achievement according to the 1% of people who have it. Use the Focus Charm.
  • To achieve it you have to prepare lines of the same color, use the cutting board to destroy all the other color, do 4 lines of one basic color in one board then 2 lines in the other boards.
  • When you are ready turn on your stove take the prepared lines and throw them in it when you have enough space.

Executive Chef
Reach Brigade Rank 12 in Daily Cook-Off

  • The final achievement with only 0,2% of people who achieved it.
  • Do daily Cook-Off until you have enough experience good luck on this one!
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