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Being a DIK Sage Walkthrough & Ending Guide

Being a DIK is a choice driven adult Visual Novel focusing on the fun parts of college life. The game is packed with humor, sex, romance, drama and a rich story. Play as a young male attending college at B&R and guide him through the experience.

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Sage’s route

  • Study Gender studies and click on the yellow spot (top left) to get a special render
  • Click the guitar
  • Click the beers & unlock a special render (minigame)
  • Magazine on the chair (special render)
  • Bathroom > Mona > Ask someone else (CHICKpoint) & Look Closer (DIKpoint) > get out of the bathroom
  • Right Door > Release (CHICKpoint) & Move Hips (DIKpoint)
  • Kitchen > Elena
  • Livint Room (Up > Last room) > under the sofa (special render) > key (right of the sofa) > go left and click the magazine (special render) > Heather (only if you are on DiKpath) > Put blanket on her (DiKpoint)
  • Basement > feet of the white drawer ( special render)
  • Sauna: Nope > Remove or Tease (both DIKpoints) > She wouldn’t (Chick point)
  • Pool > Sage > Underwater > Go to your bed and end the free roam

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