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Borderlands 2 – Golden Keys Explained

In this guide I am going to explain what golden keys are, why you should use them, and when to use them.

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What are Golden Keys?

Golden keys are used to unlock the golden chest located in sanctuary. They can be used to get purple and e-tech rarity items. You can get them by inputting a shift code (which are located on the twitter here https://twitter.com/dgShiftCodes). You can input shift codes by going to the main menu, then into extras.

Why should I use Golden Keys?

Golden keys can be very useful if you need better gear at a lower level. If you already have good gear then selling the items from the chest is a good way to get money if needed. Since the golden chest can only spawn purple and e-tech gear it is a very good way to farm for e-tech launchers when first entering UVHM.

When should I use Golden Keys?

Golden keys have been very overrated by gearbox. They have been put out as something extremely valuable and should be saved for end game, but in reality that isnt true. The best time to use golden keys are whenever you want, but I’ve found using them in the beginning of UVHM makes it way easier.

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