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Borderlands 3 Head Case Walkthrough

Head Case Walkthrough

You’ll start Head Case in the Holy Broadcast Center, during Chapter 3.

  1. It starts with you finding a head, and contacting Vaughn about it. He’ll tell you who it is, and ask you to take it to a VR station nearby.
  2. Follow your Quest Marker and plug the head in.
  3. Once it’s plugged in, you’ll find five Quest Markers on your map. These are for your new Objective, and your optional Objectives:
    1. Find Vic
    2. Collect 4 Memory Fragments (Optional)
  4. You might as well collect the four Memory Fragments, since they’re on the way. The Memory Fragments are ECHO Logs, so you’ll be able to listen to them again whenever you want afterward (I mention this in case you miss what is said due to the nearby enemies).
  5. Once you have the four Memory Fragments, the battle will get pretty tough. There will be a lot of enemies, and they’re pretty tough, so gear up!
  6. When you clear out the enemies you’ll need to escort Vic down to where you entered the simulation. There won’t be any more enemies, now that you’ve cleared them out, so it’s a pretty boring run down the hill.
  7. When you get there, exit the simulation.
  8. Talk to Vic (and Vaughn, via the ECHO-3). Vic will give you your rewards, and you’ll complete the mission.
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