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Borderlands 3 Impound Deluxe Crew Challenges Guide

In the newest Borderlands 3 DLC, you will be helping Moxxi pull off a great casino heist. During this, you will explore a bunch of new areas with a lot of cool secrets and objectives.

Impound Deluxe Crew Challenges Guide

DEGEN-3 (Killer Look Person)
Head to the end of Beggar’s Berth until you spot a green door that can be opened in the corner. You will find DEGEN-3 here so do what needs to be done.

Red Chest 1
Finding this chest requires the Great Escape side quest. Run right on the platform and then drop down to the small area where the statement “No Place Like Space” is written on the ground in graffiti. There is an open container right there which has a red chest. If you open it, you will get:

  • Disciplined Shrike
  • Unending Magnificent
  • Breathing Room Tactician Shield
  • Iron-Willed Cuttin’ Peacekeeper
  • Inundating Atomizer

Red Chest 2
During the objective “Discover the Trial of Instinct” when you have to navigate to Wayward Tether, you will come to an area filled with Hyperion containers. Jump on top of them and start platforming your way to the top of the large stack in the top right corner of the room. You will find a red chest atop there. It contains

  • Dead-eye Flesh Melter
  • Stoic Kot
  • Molten Loyal Moloko
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Pieces of Resistance Statue
You’ll come to this area during “Winners and Losers.” Run across the bridge straight ahead and jump on top of the round structure that looks like a small house. You’ll spot statue next to a food cart on the roof.

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