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Borderlands 3 One Man’s Treasure Walkthrough

One Man’s Treasure Walkthrough

The next Mission is divided into two parts! First part starts with you heading to the district, defeat enemies that appear along the way, use the hyperway and head to the Golden Trough’s trash chute. Gather the trash around the area so the Golden trough can be piled up, use Ember’s Bomb to detonate the pile.

Kill Stanley to get his key, open the trash chute with the key to reach the Compactor, find the Trashlantis, enter Trashlantis to meet the mayor follow him and gather Loader power cells and head to Refuse Ridge.

Defeat the Scraptrap Nest and Prime which will be armored so use corrosive weapons also constantly move around the corners to avoid its attacks and then grab the AI chip it drops, find a way to get inside Tony Bordels’s fort that is through the clogged pipe which has to be shot at, make your way through the fort and take the Constructor’s eye.

In the second part of this mission Return to Traslantis and give the power cell to Freddie, place the parts on the broken constructor, take the improvised power source from Freddie and place them on the constructor.

Open the game and escort Clapstructor using Incendiary weapons as most enemies are human for armored enemies uses corrosive weapons first. Open the Barricade once you reach it by checking on Clapstructor, defend the Clapstructor along the way as it opens barrier and reinforces the beams.

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Kill Tony Bordel by damaging his armor first with corrosive weapons, return to the mayor once reinforcing is done, talk to the mayor to end the mission!

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