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Borderlands 3 Playing with Fire Walkthrough

Playing with Fire Walkthrough

As the second mission starts, you have to go through yet again, a bunch of tasks starting with meeting up with Timothy, clearing all the loader bots along the way, upon reaching the district meet Timothy to unlock the door, Call the hyperway so you can travel to the Vice District.

Meet with Ember and defeat all the enemies on the way the NPCs around the area will help you find Ember’s location, head to Silky’s soak and clear the area from the enemies. Use Incendiary weapons against pretty boy’s thugs, place the gift received by Ember that can be found in the pile of garbage along the narrow alleyway in the map on the Pretty Boy Statue.

Head back to Foxxi’s and clear the enemies on the way. Speak to Ember as she appears when all the enemies are dead! This is where the second mission ends.

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