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Borderlands 3 Roster Menu Guide

How do I send/receive invites on PC?

You can invite or join friends on PC from the Roster menu. To access the Roster menu:

  1. Select Social from the main menu or pause screen and proceed to the Roster tab. You should see all of your Epic Games Store (EGS) friends listed here.
  2. Click on their name and you should see the option to Invite them. If their Privacy setting is set to Open to Public or Friends Only, then you should also see a Join option.
  3. After sending the invite, your friend should receive a notification in the EGS client that they can then accept to join your game.

I’m unable to join or invite my friend from the Roster menu, how do I fix this?

  • If your friend is in a full four-player session, you will be unable to join them and their group will be unable to join you. If they are not in a full session but you still cannot invite/join them, their Group Privacy Mode may be set to Local Only. If this is the case, changing this setting to Friends Only should allow you to Invite or Join them. They can check this setting in the upper right of the main menu or pause screen.

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