Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 – Get the Most Out of Your Crates

Get the Most Out of Your Crates

Everytime you open a crate and get disappointed because you got no tuning partsor even two barn maps? Then keep reading this guide.

The Simple Steps to +Quality Tuning Parts
#1: Save your game by clicking the right mouse button -> save game or Esc->saveand go to main menu and load your save again.
#2: Open the crate and see what you got.
#3: If you doesn’t get any good parts then press the right mouse button ->settings -> load game (which loads the last savepoint of Step 1).
#4: After loading you repeat step 1 – step 3.
#5: When you got good parts then press the right mouse button -> Settings ->save game and open your next crate.

Personal Note
I recommend to open just one crate even if you have multiple ones in yourinventory. The reason for this is simply that you would waste crates and havea high risk to got perfect parts in crate #1 but in crate #2 you got 2 barnmaps and a normal part. And believe me, i got multiple times 2 barn maps outof crates.

Depending on your system power and the number of mods that you’re using thisshouldn’t take more then 1 minute.

Also look for tuning parts with higher +quality because every +quality stepgives the part 10% more power increase.

For example a +4 quality turbo charger. A normal charger out of the tuning shopwill have +10% of power increase, the +4 Turbo charger comes with +14%.

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