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Clash Artifacts of Chaos: The Ritual, Day & Night

The Ritual

Beginner's Guide to Clash

Before engaging intelligent enemies (animals and Corwids not included), you can play a dice game called “the ritual” or “the only law”. The goal is to apply a consequence of your choice to the following battle, such as summoning an ally or forcing the opponent to drink poison.

It’s pretty simple: choose a consequence artifact, roll your dice, then stab tchaks on the board to destroy dice or modify their value. After both parties have used up their tchaks, the player with the highest dice score wins the game and applies his consequence artifact.

From what I’ve seen, there are dozens of consequence artifacts to be found in the world.

Tchaks need to be placed in your ritual belt in the inventory. Tchaks can impact either a single dice, all dice in a circle, all dice in a line, or some other combination. Try not to hit your own dice!

Day and night

The story of Pseudo and the Boy unfolds during the day. At night, Pseudo dreams and adventures through a warped version of the world, haunted by challenging creatures.

There are two ways to switch between day and night or night and day:

  1. You can change the time by interacting with the tent at one of your campsites
  2. Or, as daytime Pseudo, you get knocked out (zero health) in combat: this will automatically switch the time to night and give you control of his dream alter ego. Avenge Pseudo, then wake him up to switch back to daytime and resume your progression. It’s a nice second chance to prevent a game over.

The ritual and shops aren’t available at night. In other words, anybody you meet at night is hostile!

Playing at night is required to destroy the thorn walls blocking your path during the day. The night avatar is able to sneak through these walls to venture beyond. You will need to find and defeat the candle-headed Thorn Guardian in order to burn down the associated thorn wall. You can then switch back to daytime and resume your exploration with Pseudo.

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