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Code Vein How to Beat The Virgin Born (Final Boss)

Code Vein features many interesting and unique bosses, all of which must be beaten in order to progress the story. All of these are lost, powerful but malicious, and feature a set of moves that are unique to them. With large health bars, memorable designs, and even fascinating lore surrounding them, these bosses are one of the many highlights of Code Vein.

Bosses in Code Vein do not respawn after being beaten, however, you are likely to encounter them again when exploring dungeons, so be prepared for the possibility of facing them again and again.

How to Beat The Virgin Born

Location: Gaol of the Stagnant Blood.

  • After being beaten, Silva, aka the Skull King, will absorb all the relics to transform into a chimeric entity with multiple limbs and faces. This is the final boss of the game.
  • Due to its large size, this boss will not be easy to get around. It can also a great deal of distance very quickly, and will swipe its claws at you whenever you’re near. Roll forward to dodge these swipes.
  • When you blue, luminescent lights around you, it means that the boss is about to release a large burst of energy. Get as far away as possible as to avoid the attack.
  • Attack whenever you’re near, it does not have many moves to worry about in the 1st phase.
  • In the 2nd phase, not only does the creature swipe with more aggression and moves around more, but it also begins firing beams of energy aimed directly at you.
  • Once fired, the boss will begin to move its arm so as to hit as many targets with the beam as possible. The best strategy is to roll forward the very second the beam is launched. You will have an opening to attack.
  • Once its health is low enough it will resort to its desperation move. The creature will fly up into the air, and several lights will appear around it.
  • These lights will crash down into the earth and cause tremendous damage. A very difficult attack to dodge, therefore it’s recommended to have many healing items saved up for this.
  • It will begin cycling through its attacks, so keep up the offensive and you’ll eventually kill the final boss of the game.
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