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Coloring Game Beginners Guide

Coloring Game is a fantastic anti-stress game. Animate the pixel picture by coloring it in full!

Coloring Game Beginners Guide

A very helpful guide for beginner to learn how to play and learn all the useful key of this game.


Coloring game is a simple and relaxing game that allows you to color up to 15 pictures for free and more than 60 pictures if you pay a little bit of money. This guide will help you play, but also learn new tricks to draw your big projects. I will start with the simple tutorial how to play and go on with the more unknown keys.

How to play

To play this game, it is quite simple. First you must do the level in order (except if they are part of some DLC). Click on the level you want to do and click on the play symbol under the picture on the left. Once done, you will have an empty pictures with numbers. Choose a number on the right of the screen and click on the darker part of the drawing (darker = matching number).


Right click: Select the color directly from the drawing.
Left click: Color the drawing.
Shift + Click: Make a straight line.
Crt + Click: Will make a line from where you pressed crt to where you clicked.
Arrows: Move the picture (if big enough to be moved).
Q: Select the previous number (if the color 6 if selected, the color 5 will be selected).
E: Select the next number (if the color 6 is selected, the color 7 will be selected).
P: Zoom on the overview of the picture on the top right.
F: Remove the overview of the picture on the top right (press it again to put it back).
H: Puts in red, in the overview, what you didn’t draw on the picture of the selected color.
Z: Undo the last action.
Numbers: Select the color corresponding to the number that you pressed.

Written by Raffal

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