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Command & Conquer Remastered Animated GDI/NOD Desktop Wallpaper

Make an amazing animated GDI/NOD desktop wallpaper in six lazy steps.

Animated GDI/NOD Desktop Wallpaper

Step one

Watch the “Kane gets personal” video and look for the secret link.


Step two

Skip step one and go here to download the wallpaper files:


It includes two MP4 animated desktops. One GDI, one NOD.

Step three

If you are lazy like me, and are not a broke pennyless student buy “Wallpaper Engine”.

If you are broke/not lazy, go to step four.

Step four (skip if you did step three)

If you don’t want to use Wallpaper Engine, look for sketchy people in the comments who rage about how you can add MP4 wallpapers for free with XYZ programme downloaded from the net.

Or, search on Youtube, there seem to be plenty of videos about making MP4 video desktops for free.

Step five

Use Wallpaper Engine to make your amazing NOD/GDI wallpaper out of the MP4 you downloaded. It is so easy it would take you longer to read about how to do it than just launch the programme and work it out for yourself. It took me about 30 seconds, and I’m practically an idiot.

If you used some other freebie method, search for freebie tutorials now if you didn’t already watch them on Youtube.

Step Six

Avoid launching programmes and stare at your desktop.

Enjoy the glorious NOD background – Kane Lives!

Or, brainwash yourself staring at the fake-news-GDI-propaganda background.

Written by ZombieMouse

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