Conan Exiles How to get Star Metal (Quick & Easy)

Conan Exiles How to get Star Metal (Quick & Easy)

How to get Star Metal in Conan Exiles.

Getting that blue stuff…

The only thing tricky about getting star metal would be getting that meteor shower, in the video below I show you one of the best locations too farm it + what too use on the meteors since they have a shell on them you have to crack off.

So what you will need is:
Fire Orbs (at least 5)
Grease Orbs (at least 6)

or optional if you prefer big explosions:
4-5 Gas Orbs
1 Fire Orb

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  1. Easiest and cheapest (less materials) way to blow up the shell is to simply fire ONE explosive (2 at the most) arrow at the meteor. Works for me!!

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