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Contraband Police: Perfect Inspection Score on All Vehicles

This walkthrough guide will describe how to get a perfect inspection score on all vehicles in all days of the campaign. Note: This guide isn’t complete yet, playing through the campaign for a second time to get all the info down.

Perfect Inspection Score on All Vehicles

This guide has spoilers! It’s going to be a walkthrough of all days how to get perfect inspection.
Note that the game probably won’t be as fun if you just follow this guide from the start, part of the fun is learning how things work (even if you restart some days) and trying to be a good inspector. Ideally look up a particular day you are having trouble with and use the info here to assist.

Note: Except for certain fixed vehicles (like a couple in tutorial) most of the time there’s randomness in each vehicle. Although the vehicle is always an approve or deny, for instance a certain deny vehicle might have papers name and expiration date wrong, and if you retry the day now it will be different errors in the papers like name and photo. Things that are smuggled, usually the locations vary, and even the total number of contraband, but the number of locations in a particular vehicle usually stays the same (for instance 6 items in 4 locations one run and 7 items in 4 locations the next). The things that are randomized I’ll be putting into brackets in the guide []

Training Chapter

The training chapter is days 1-5

Day 1

1st day you will be looking at the following factors:
Name match (can use comparator tool)
Expiration dates (can use comparator tool)
Passport number (can use comparator tool)

1st vehicle: Approve, no marks
2nd vehicle: Deny, Papers [expiration date, name]
3rd vehicle: Approve, no marks
4th vehicle: Deny, Papers [photo, expiration date]

Day 2

2nd day adds the possibility of smugglers

1st vehicle: Arrest, smuggler. 2 drugs locations (back seat bottom, engine compartment)
2nd vehicle: Deny, papers [photo, expiration date, passport number]
3rd vehicle: approve, no marks
4th vehicle: Arrest, smuggler. 5 alcohol locations [2 bumpers, tire, headrest, center front console]

Day 3

no vehicles, training day to drive to the 3 basic map locations and learn about them

Day 4

Day 4 adds the cargo list (cannot use comparator), you have to compare the cargo they have with what they claim on their cargo list. Usually best is to mark them all and hit the button to remove them from vehicle, check them over for smuggler marks and return them, and finally compare confirmed cargo list with the paper cargo list they gave you. See screenshots below. If you can reach them all you can also just mark them all and not take them out, then compare the lists, but usually this game doesn’t time crunch much.

1st vehicle: Deny, Cargo list, papers? [name]. Note papers doesn’t always pop in this one. Make sure to use the comparator for the name on this one, it seems off.
2nd vehicle: Smugger, arrest. 4 weapons locations [cargo barrels]
3rd vehicle: approve, no marks
4th vehicle: deny, cargo list, papers (name). NOTE! This one is bugged I think, name always matches visually, but in 3 replays it’s dinged me for not choosing it. Even comparator for name was green!

Perfect inspection all day vehicle list campaign walkthrough
Perfect inspection all day vehicle list campaign walkthrough

Day 5

You can now trade with vehicles (the little money bag icon). It’s somewhat random who you can trade with. There’s other steam guides on the price ranges on this.

1st vehicle: Deny, cargo?, papers [date, passport number, photo]
2nd vehicle: smuggler, runner, arrest. 3 locations cigarettes [tire, hidden in engine compartment, behind seats]. For vehicles that just run the blockade there’s a few things you can do. If you load up the police van in the morning with prisoners or contraband, you can make drop off(s) after you run the vehicle down if you are quick especially if it’s on the way back (there’s usually a timer to get back) Note: Check the vehicle before leaving, otherwise you will miss out on contraband from runner vehicles.

You can also cheese the runner by parking the police van past the exit gate, vehicles will run into it and stop. In this case you could do that when you first wake up, or after the first vehicle. Or you can just run them down and return. HOWEVER, you cannot cheese this particular vehicle, they disable your van’s engine start until after they run.

You will receive a pistol after this, and as far as I know there’s no way to win the fight.

Written by Devistater

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