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Core Keeper Cavelings Farm Efficiently

Simple way to farm Cavelings for their loot + experience.

Cavelings Farm

I was looking for a guide to farm Cavelings efficiently but couldn’t find one, so I had to do my own tests and here are the results.

If you ever tried to contain Cavelings in a room you may have noticed that it’s not that easy, because the basic Caveling is able to carve through walls when it attacks…

What Cavelings cannot do though, is jumping over a 1 tile hole:

How to: Farm Cavelings

So here is how I farm them: surtound the flowers that spawn them with a hole, shoot them from a distance with a ranged weapon, build a temporary bridge to go get the loot, don’t forget to break the bridge before you leave 😉

Note that this can obiously be applied to any other enemy that have a spawner tile, but for more basic enemies you can just contain them with some walls and a door.

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