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Cyberpunk 2077 All Along The Watchtower Walkthrough

How to unlock:

  • You’ll unlock this by completing Belly of the Beast.
  • Also, by choosing specific dialogue lines that result in entering the well when you are in Mikoshi (Cyberspace).

All Along The Watchtower Walkthrough


  • Join Panam.
  • Discuss the plan with Mitch and Panam.
  • Get in the Basilisk.
  • Talk to Panam.
  • Follow the Nomads.
  • Cross the border.


Once A Nomad, Always A Nomad

  • The choice is simple here. When you reach Mikoshi (Cyberspace) as V, simply choose the dialogue option“Wanna live out whatever life I got left.“ and enter the well. This will result in Johnny remaining in cyberspace and V returning to his body, in transit at the Badlands.
  • Step out of the vehicle and speak to Panam. This job is entirely story-oriented and all you have to do is follow-through the objectives to finish the game. You’ll simply leave Night City with Panam and work along with the Aldecaldos.

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