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Cyberpunk 2077 The Gift Walkthrough

How to unlock:

  • Complete the main job, The Rescue.
  • This job becomes available just before you reach V’s apartment for the first time during the prologue.

The Gift Walkthrough


  • Retrieve the Pink quickhack from the netrunner.
  • Upload Ping to the camera to find the Access Point.
  • Use your personal link to connect to the Access Point and hack it.


  • This job serves as a tutorial for quickhacks and breaching.
  • You can take this minor side job at any time when it becomes available.
  • You can go to Kabuki in Watson on your own, or at the end of The Ride, Dex will drop you off near the area. Make sure you mark this job and activate it if you are currently doing another quest.
  • When you reach Kabuki, follow the waypoint/marked objective and you’ll end up at a shop, the Dewdrop Inn. Speak to the front desk Yoko and ask about the gift that was left for you.
  • Go through Yoko’s inventory and take the Ping quickhack. Next, equip it in your cyberdeck and then use Ping on the surveillance camera before hacking into the training access point at the end of the counter.

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