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Darksiders III – Finding Cistern Walkthrough

Finding Cistern Walkthrough

Move to the Crossroads location, jump down through a hole under the bus and crawl through the ventilation. Follow the same route until you get to a huge pit with Sloth standing on the other side of it. You’ll see a web next to the pit. Burn it down to come inside and find the way upwards.

Go this way, eliminate the enemies and go higher until you face the entrance with purple stones. You can destroy these stones with a purple substance bomb. There is a bag hanging on your right — crush it to make purple substance drop down. There is also a bug’s hole on your left. Entice the bug to eat this slime (or just pick the bug and put it next to the slime) and wait until it’s full. Then throw it at the stones in order to break them.

Take the only available route, kill the monsters there monsters and jump down. Here you’ll find a couple of ‘’islands’’ with the monsters. You may kill them all, then jump in the water and go deeper by pressing the ‘’E’’ button (press Space to surface). There are two tunnels underwater: one shines with red light and the other is hardly seen and you can find it near the waterfall. Head for the second tunnel to get Luminous Visage (they can be shattered in your inventory to gain one stat point).

Then swim through the red tunnel to get to the other side. Jump onto a high wall to find Angelic Artifact. Return downstairs and go upwards, down the corridor. Soon you’ll get to the upper part of the same tunnel with the waterfall. Switch to basic form and jump forward by clinging onto the pipes. There will be a lever on the opposite side, on your left. You need to pull it in order to open heavy gates. Go inside and you’ll see a new corridor. Get into it, eliminate all the enemies and burn the web down. Move forward, pull the lever on your right to get to the main hall. Jump onto a ledge to find a new pedestal — Cistern. Come into the next corridor and free one more human.

Next up is Finding Tangled Grotto.

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