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Darksiders III – Finding Skyscraper Walkthrough

Finding Skyscraper

Get to the wall breach and jump upwards. Come down and get to the opposite side by clinging onto the pipe. Once you kill all the enemies, enter the building and go downstairs (or you can get upstairs and find a consumable item). Jump forward clinging onto both pipes and destroy one more group of enemies before entering a new building. You’ll see two blocked routes on your way to the building: one tunnel is blocked with gray and blue stones, another one — with an orange veil and a powerful many-handed enemy sitting next to the tunnel. You’ll be able to level up your weapon if you kill him.

In order to get to the Haven and Skyscraper, go down the tree bole to the right and meet the Demon merchant Vulgrim. You can travel around Serpent Holes through his pedestals, trade different objects for souls or exchange them for Fury’s level boost (and for gaining one stat point each time she levels up).

Next up is Finding Maker’s Forge.

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