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Day of Defeat Source Combat Engineer & Demolition Man Achievement

How to get the Combat Engineer achievement in just a few minutes.


Defuse 100 enemy bombs.

Combat Engineer Achievement

Firstly, download the following map created by FLEGIAS on Gamebanana: https://gamebanana.com/mods/65695

(To install the map simply extract the zip file and from the resulting folder drag the .bsp file into your Day of Defeat Source maps folder found under this address – [your steam installation directory]steamappscommonDay of Defeat Sourcedodmaps)

Create a server on bomb_plant_8 and join as the Wehrmacht then enter the following commands into console:

  • sv_cheats 1
  • bot_zombie 1
  • bot_mimic 1
  • bot -team us
  • sv_cheats 0
  • retry

When the game restarts re-join the Wehrmacht and move forward to one of the bomb plant sites (like below), your American bot friend should move forward with you. Hold E down and he will plant the bomb, continue to hold E and you will defuse the bomb. Just hold down E as long as you need…

Combat Engineer Achievement
Combat Engineer Achievement

Demolition Man Achievement

This map was originally created for the Demolition Man achievement as explained on the download page on Gamebanana. So obviously, feel free to use it for that too!

Credit to FLEGIAS.

Written by Ren

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