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Dead Island Definitive Edition How to get Fancy Achievement

Dead Island Definitive Edition How to get Fancy Achievement

This guide is for those who are having trouble with this achievement. As its from the DLC, you will need the DLC for it. There are no entries on any website that offer a Solution for those who are haunted by this miserable Achievement, thus i decided to take a deeper look into it by testing. I also came up with a surefire way to obtain it.

You will need:

  • A modified Firearm (A Pistol with roughly 1800dmg works fine)
  • A Character with Level 35 or higher (Optional)
  • The Pistol Ammo Blueprint
  • A bunch of Metal Scraps and Bleach to craft ammo (Vendors sell that)


The Achievement states:
“Survive 10 consecutive waves using only custom weapons.”

This means once you enter the arena:

  • Do not die a single time
  • Only use modified Attacks from modified Weapons.
  • Do not kick.
  • Do not Ram anything. As a matter of fact, you can not even run. Not a single time. (Sam B Only)
  • Do not get knocked down if you are Sam B and have skilled the Backfire skill. Not kidding.
  • Do not shoot any environmental explosives. If they damage a zombie it will fail.
  • Treat Suiciders as environmental explosives. Seclude them before kiliing. You can shoot them.
  • Do not use Rage.
  • Do not throw anything. Be it weapons or molotows. (Sorry Logan Players)
  • Do not use your fists.
  • Do not leave the area.
  • Do not kill prone enemies with your stomp.
  • If multiplayer, then you have to at least hit one enemy each wave. (Do it Solo to be safe)

In contrast to what was previously assumed the following does not break the progress:

  • Hitting an enemy once it grappled you (QTE). This is not recognized as an attack by the game.
  • Blowing up a Suicider by triggering it.
  • Enemies that fall to their death or die in another weird way not caused by you.
  • Using the workbench.

I would also advise to do this in Single-Player to prevent inconsistencies.
Again, if you are Sam B you are not allowed to run at any given time. This triggers your ram attack.
As Sam B needs the ram skill for an achievement, odds are that you will have the skill.

Should you do anything wrong by accident then simply re-enter the arena and start a new.


Go and play in the easy arena from wave 1 to the end of wave 10.

Position yourself behind the workbench. The picture will show you the spawnpoints of the zombies and their pathing. This position will give you safety, enough time to craft between waves and will also give you a good view on what spawns. Seclude the Suiciders and kill them last. They will only spawn after the fith wave. You will have to deal with a lot of Infected that will run up to you. Do not worry tho as they are easy to one-shot.

Achievement: Fancy

It was very easy to get with this strat. I used a Level 47 Sam B for this. Glitchless and modless.
Best of luck on your achievement hunt. Sadly, you will need it.


As Dead Island is a mess, there might be more issues with skills of other characters and or mechanics. If you have anything to add please let me know in the comments. I will test and update this guide in such a case. Also let me know if this helped you out, as i am not 100% certain yet on some parts of this truely remarkable achievement.

I am still unsure about whether healing or jumping is allowed. But it seems like it’s fine. I did not do that tho to be extra safe.

Written by Pumix

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