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Deliver Me – All Achievements and All Endings Guide (English)

This guide is dedicated for players who want to unlock all achievements and all endings without worrying about the whole story of this game. Since the game is too complex to even be analyzed fully in Chinese, and it would be a massive project for me to accomplish if I somehow managed to translate the whole script for this game. If you wanted to read the story of Paranoia: Deliver Me, I would suggest you avoid this guide for now until international version comes out since there are some spoilers involved in this guide.


1. Some of the endings are generated randomly, it could be difficult to achieve even with the help of this guide. (or this guide is still not accurate enough since the game is just released for few weeks)

2. Ending 1-7 are from main plot, where END 1-4 are from the main story, END 5, and 7 are from the side story(which will not be unlocked if you decided to experience the full story), and END 6 are from the side story.

3. Ending 1 and 2 will be unlocked if and only if Ending 3 is unlocked before hand. Ending 3 will be unlocked if and only if Ending 4 is unlocked.

Saving, Puzzles, FAQs and Achievement Showcase

1. How to save in this game?

Player needs to right click anywhere in game to reveal a side menu, and you will be able to save by clicking the “存档” button.

Notes: I would suggest you make a save here before progressing forward.

2. Chapter 2: The Fall【第二章:坠落】 colored piano puzzle: 314652

3. Chapter 2: The Fall【第二章:坠落】 Where should I hide?

Click the third option【教室classroom】for four times.

4. Chapter 4: The Beast【第四章:巨兽】colorless piano puzzle: 361425

Be aware that this section has a timer.

5. Chapter 4: The Beast【第四章:巨兽】 Filling the blank mini game

The answer is: LINGYU

6. Save files’ directory


7. All achievements showcase

Be aware that not all achievements are linked to endings.

Menu, Options, Extras, and Demo story

1. Menu

This menu is very self explanatory since the texts are written in English, Extras will be unlocked only if you have completed the story at least once.

Extras includes CG, music, and endings that you have unlocked.

2. Option menu

Translation from left side top to bottom, and right top to bottom

General Settings

  • Reset all settings [Go]
  • Reset walkthrough counter [Go]

Text Settings

  • Texts playing speed
  • Auto playing speed
  • Skip the unread [on/off]
  • Pause auto if encounters a choice [on/off]

Audio Settings

  • Master Volume
  • Music Volume
  • Effect Volume
  • Sound effect on text reading [on/off]

Video Settings

  • Fullscreen [on/off]

Notes: reset walkthrough counter will only reset the counter of how many times have you completed the story, and will not affect the CG, music, and endings that you have already unlocked. Players will only be able to access the demo section by clicking this reset button after they finish the story at least once.

3. Choices

You will be able to identify if you have completed the full story or not by checking the background themed color, where if you have not completed the story yet, the background color would be green, otherwise it would be white. Since you will be most likely to get Ending 3 and 4 in our first walkthrough, so I have only translated all the choices in the second walkthrough.

  • For ending 1 and 3, choose the first option for every question at the start of every chapter
  • For ending 2, choose the third option for every question at the start of every chapter
  • For ending 5, choose the most contradicted options at the start of every chapter
  • Ending 6, 7 and 8 will not be affected by your choices.

4. Chapter Zero: The Demo

You will only be able to experience the demo once until you reset the counter of your walkthrough, the options you chose in this section will NOT affect the endings at all, so feels free to skip it. But if you are interested in the plot of the story, this section will explain the background story a little bit, which you have to wait for the international version.

Chapter 1: [Lingluo], [Premonition], [Nightmare]

Chapter 1, Prologue: Lingluo


Afraid of empty places?

  • Never
  • Sometimes
  • Always

Afraid of going out alone?

  • Never
  • Sometimes
  • Always

Afraid of taking public transportation like bus, train, or tram?

  • Never
  • Sometimes
  • Always

Consciously avoid certain locations because of fear?

  • Never
  • Sometimes
  • Always

Feels anxiety around people in certain locations like shops, or cinema?

  • Never
  • Sometimes
  • Always

Feels anxious when stays alone?

  • Never
  • Sometimes
  • Always

Afraid of being passed out in public?

  • Never
  • Sometimes
  • Always
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