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Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Ritual Weapons Guide

Season of Dawn brings three new Ritual weapons for Guardians to chase, they are required for Seasonal title Savior and they’re noticeably easier than Season of Undying ritual weapons. I want to share few tips to make this grind more efficient.

Season of Dawn Ritual Weapons Guide

Vanguard – Buzzard

Buzzard is kinetic adaptive frame sidearm with those perks:

  • Extended Barrel
  • Alloy Magazine
  • Outlaw / Fourth Time’s the Charm
  • Osmosis / Swashbuckler

You will need to complete following steps to claim this weapon:

  • 1500 Sidearm final blows
  • 50 Sidearm airborne final blows
  • 4500 Points

Nothing complicated here. Do strikes from strike playlist, kill enemies and complete objectives, you will rack up points fairly fast.

  • Focus on redbars for airborne final blows
  • Use solar sidearm like DrangDrang (Baroque) or Anonymous Autumn to progress other Vanguard quests Duty Driven / Molten Glory while you farm for Buzzard

If you find yourself, for whatever reason, having problems with airborne kills you can always use following (then again, it’s only 50 kills)

  • Hunter – Triple jump with St0mp-EE5
  • Titan – Lion Rampant
  • Warlock – Attunement of Sky with Wings of Sacred Dawn

Gambit – Python

Python is energy void aggressive frame shotgun with those perks:

  • Smallbore
  • Extended Mag
  • Overflow / Feeding Frenzy
  • Shield Disorient / One-Two Punch

You will need to complete following steps to claim this weapon:

  • 500 Shotgun final blows
  • 150 Shotgun close-range final blows
  • Infamy rank “Heroic” (which starts at 2500 Infamy points)

You have two options here. You can choose if you want to do this in regular Gambit or Gambit Prime. I recommend normal Gambit, since you get more opportunities to invade, enemies are way easier to deal with, but most importantly, more rounds means more enemies to kill.


  • Killing Guardians gives you most efficient progress
  • Use special ammo finder, shotgun scavenger, special ammo finishers and other shotgun related mods for maximum efficiency
  • Triple shotgun is viable strategy, but if you are afraid of running low on special ammo you can always grab a backup primary
  • One Small StepThreat LevelPerfect Paradox are good kinetic choices, but that boils down to personal preference. Even if their glory days are long gone, IKELOS_SG or Zenith of Your Kind are still fine guns for this quest. Play shotguns you are most comfortable with
  • Tractor Canon is amazing for this, you can deal with Invaders quickly and kill multiple combatants with it’s AoE damage. Honorable mentions go to Lord of Wolves and Legend of Acrius.
  • Assuming you use heavy shotgun, remember to use heavy ammo finder or armaments corresponding with enemy faction.
  • If you decided to do this in PrimeReaper +6 armor perk PiƱata of Death drops special ammo by rapidly defeating enemy combatants
  • Hunter – Dragon’s Shadow exotic reloads all of your equipped guns
  • Titan – Code of the Missile perk Inertia Override reloads your gun and increase your damage when you slide over ammo brick, basically built-in slideways/slideshot
  • Warlock – Transversive Steps reload your guns while you sprint, because why would you waste time reloading?

Crucible – Komodo-4FR

Crooked Fa- ehm I mean Komodo-4FR is powerful precision frame linear fusion rifle with those perks:

  • Polygonal Rifling
  • Accelerated Coils
  • No Distractions / Moving Target
  • Eye of the Storm / Box Breathing

You will need to complete following steps to claim this weapon:

  • 125 Linear fusion rifle final blows
  • 15 Linear fusion rifle precision final blows
  • Glory rank “Heroic” (which starts at 1050 Glory points)

Meet your new best friend, the Arbalest. If you haven’t gone mad from it’s charging sound yet, don’t worry, you will soon. Seriously, this is probably the most attention this gun is ever going to get.

And what makes Arbalest so special for this quest? It uses special ammo, which means you don’t have to camp heavy.


  • Assuming you are using Arbalest (I mean, why wouldn’t you?) do not precharge. It’s sound can be heard across half the entire map, which makes you easy target to pick on
  • Play around corners, try to flank and kill people who are trying to pick kills on lanes, and remember, always aim for the head
  • Crooked Fang-4fr and Line in the Sand are good choices for powerful slot
  • Use artifact mod Enhanced Linear Fusion Targeting, you can put two of them in one helmet, making you a borderline aimbot
  • If you can, use Unfliching mods as well
  • There’s currently glitch that gives you powerful ammo from special brick, you need to have fusion rifle and linear fusion rifle scavenger mods. Link to video below
  • If you don’t have Arbalest you can use Queenbreaker. If you don’t have Queenbreaker it’s time to farm for that Sleeper Simulant. If you don’t want to lose your mind farming Resonate Stems, legendary LFRs will do
  • If you have problems getting enough points for Heroic in Survival playlist, try to play more safe, do not separate from your fireteam and if you are losing most of your teams reserves, try to change your tactics and stay behind teammates.

Hopefully this guide can help someone to make this grind little easier.

If you find yourself frustrated in Gambit or Crucible, remember you don’t have to complete them in one week, Season is three months long and there’s plenty of time left.

Written by Graw

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