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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Best Heavy Weapons

Shadowkeep: Best Heavy Weapons


This machine gun is available as a reward for the intro quest to Black Armory and is extremely useful in PvP when combined with perks like Feeding Frenzy, Rampage and Surrounded.

A powerful weapon to begin with due to having the fastest TTK, causing snipers to flinch, and sporting a large stock of ammo, we didn’t think it could get any better… but it did. With the aid of Gambit, the range for this weapon goes sky-high! Players can also add in the Perk Mulligan (there’s a possibility of reclaiming ammo if you miss a shot). You also gain access to ricochet rounds, increasing its stability and range.

Swarm of the Raven/Acantha-D/Outrageous Fortune

Where to Find: Swarm of the Raven (Iron Banner; Saladin Packages or completing matches); Acantha-D (Randomly dropped after completing Black Armory Forges); Outrageous Fortune (Vanguard Packages)

These grenade launchers with Field Prep and Spike Grenades are amazing for PvE. The reason why we have all 3 weapons lopped together is that they resemble one another immensely – they mainly differ in elements.

Out of all weapon classes, these 3 have the highest DPS, pairing it with Spike Grenades will further increase the damage. Field Prep will increase ammo reserves, allowing you to carry more grenades, meaning you’ll be able to do a lot more damage.

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