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Devotion – Walkthrough and Complete Guide

Complete Guide of the Devotion.


This is a complete guide including almost everything. So if you have any problems of completing the game or the collection or the achievement, just check this guide! You can finish the game in 3 hours if you follow step by step.

I have completed the game just fews days with the help of source from Internet, and I found a little troublesome to check details in Internet, so I decided to create a total one for newcomers. As you see. Lastly, I firstly wrote in my markdown writer, so copying it to Steam may cause something wrong in layout, but it is still readable, I think.


if you want to seek it out by yourself, you can skip this part.

The game tells a tragedy happened in a oldsyle apartment from 1980 to 1986 in Taiwan. Mr. Du, the protagonist, is a writer and his wife Li Fang is a singer. And they have a little girl called Meishin. Meishin, the poor girl, is seriously sicked, and his father affected by a small group of cult, drown his daughter into liquor of medical herb by which he believe Meishin can be cured.

Further more, through a poster in the game, we can infer that the group of cult is the CCP in real world. And of this reason, I think it deserves the best terror game title in this century, it is not only against the ignorant and cult but also the terrorism of CCP, from which Taiwan suffer a lot under totalitarian. Art could not be separated form politics, especially in our time when it is often utilized for a political purpose. For more details, please check it on the Internet, and enough of this, lets come back to the story itself and let the analyze of metaphor alone.


The map is very simple, the main area is the apartment where Du`s family lived. So the layout of their home is the first thing that should be familiar with. When you see something like ‘ go to the kitchen ‘ in this guide,you must be ware of where it is. As shown above, I have draw it down with the Inkspace.

When you enter the gate, you can see the TV and sofa and tea table etc. in the living room, also you can see the kitchen`s door. The writing table is also here, which indicates that this is the place for multi-use, both entertainment and working. Also, something odd will be appear in this place like a X-ray.

The kitchen is next to at end of the living room, where Li cooked her family`s dinner.

The area covered by the gray is corridor.

And the Meishins room is locked at first. Before Meishins born, Du used to put his book in the room.

The toilet is always be locked. It cannot be opened until something specific time. This is the place where Du drown his daughter in the bath.

the bedroom is for Du and his wife. There is a closet where Meishin hided herself when there is a guest.

Besides, out of the apartment, there is a hall, notice board is also there. OK, that is all you should be noticed. Lets begin our playing.

Basic Control

Use WASD to move just like a FPS game. And use your mouse to look around, and press E to pick item up and R to read stuff you have collected, and T to choose a item to use.

What? You use a controller instead? Sorry, I haven`t use it for this game. All right, our guide will be changed to a semi-complete one.

Chapter I Doorway

Well, first of all, it is a terror game, so you may be shocked many many times. But don`t worry, I warn you with the mark PAY ATTENTION! So enjoy it!

Bravely click the New Game. And watch the cutscene at beginning.

1.Pick the items on the tea table. They are a piece of Meishins drawing and a photo of Li Fang, our protagonists wife.

2.Go out of the apartment, but I suggest you hang around to be familiar with our protagonists home. Dont worry, when there is something to be happened, I will give you a mark!

3.PAY ATTENTION, a GHOST will give you a warm welcome!! Outside the gate, we are in a corridor, walk straight. And come to the home of 1980. Wait, how to distinguish which one? Well, do you see the publicity board? The number is on it.

4.OK, you are outside the gate of 1980, and check the mailbox beside it, pick up the key inside it and open the gate.

5.On the table, pick up the photo, and in a box pick up the trophy and a china bowl. 6.Go to the bedroom(Dont confuse it with Meishins Room!!) Put the photo on the wall(you can see a nail on the wall that is where to put it). And watch the cutscene.

7.Go to the kitchen, put the china bowl into the shelf. And watch the cutscene.

8.(PAY ATTENTION! The light will be cut off suddenly!)Go to the living room, put the trophy into the bookcase. And watch the cutscene.

9.Go to … well this location is in corridor, opposite of the toilet, to check the powersystem. And you can get the dancing doll.

10.Go to the living room, there is a birthday party, and watch the cutscene.

11.We are in Meishins room now! Pick up the lighter on the desk, and when you need to light just press the space key! It will give you a powerful lighting! And pick up the card also on the desk.

12. PAY ATTENTION! You will hear a knock at the gate! But nothing there! It just reminds you its time to leave! Go outside.

13. Go to the room of 1986, get the key in the mailbox and open the gate.

14.(PAY ATTENTION!! The will be a lot of real-size dolls in it.I am not sure if they can move. But if they moves, dont worry!) On the desk in living room, pick up the item.(sorry, I forgot its name.)

15.Go to the bedroom and pick up the doll. This is the symbolization of Meishin.

16.Go to Meishins room, put the doll back to the little chair on the bed. Watch the cutscene.

17.(PAY ATTENTION!! If you turn around, a real-size doll is watching you, but it dosnt move.) Pick up the item on the bed(birthday grab, maybe).

18.Go to toilet, and pick the music score on the mirror.

19. Go to Meishins Room. Put the music score on the piano. Watch the cutscene.

20. Go to the living room, put the dancing doll on the cake. And watch the cutscene.(well, it may be little horrible)

21. Watch TV, and beat it!(PAY ATTENTION!! You will hear a knock at the gate! But nothing there! It just reminds you its time to leave!)

22. Go outside. A little ball will be thrown to you when you walk alone the corridor, and you can get the a paper there.

23. Go to the room of 1985. And get the key in the mailbox and open the gate.

24. Go to Meishins room, and then go to toilet to wash you hand.(PAY ATTENTION! When you are washing your hand, you will fall into an illusion with a pair of bloody hands!)

25. Go to Meishins room and remove the needle of the doll. Pick the item and the X-ray film on the bed.

26. Go to the living room. There is a X-ray machine, put the X-ray file on it. And its puzzle time!

27. Aiming the light from the machine to Meishin, the little girl in the photo behind the sofa.

28. (PAY ATTENTION! You will hear the phone ring!)Answer the phone, oh its from mentor He, he is one of a member of the cult.

29. Go outside. Go upstairs.

Chapter II

1.Watch TV. And watch the cutscene.

2.(PAY ATTENTION! The cutscene may be little horrible. The water is coming!) Go to the family photo. Watch the cutscene.

3.Go to the gate of 1980.

4.Go to the kitchen. and pick the paper. and watch the cutscene.

5.go to the bedroom. pick up the disk on the wall. watch the cutscene. and pick up the shoe on the desk. and a letter.

6.go to Meishins room, pick a slip of paper in the flowerpot.

7.go to living room, you can pick a piece of paper on the tea table.

8.go to the kitchen, and check the radio.

9.PAY ATTENTION! Sorry, I forget the detail, but I am sure there is one. Go outside.

10.Go to the room of 1985. enter.

11.check the table.

12.go to kitchen, on the fridge you can get a picture, and a poem on the wine jar.

13.go to Meishins Room, you can get Meishins paper on the desk.

14.check the doll on the bed.

15.(PAY ATTENTION!!When you leave Meishins Room, a GHOST will appear and give you a lovely kiss!)go to bedroom, on the desk, you can get a item.

16.go to living room, the Meishin doll is sitting by the table, you can get a address list from it.

17.It is Meishins show time! Have fun!

18.check the fish, and get its eye.

19.go to bedroom. open the closet. put the fishs eye on the box in it. and rotate the box, let the fishs eye drop in the hole.

20.open the box, get the key of suitcase.

21.go to the living room, use your key to open the red suitcase. and get a story book.

22.go to Meishins Room, tell a story to the Meishin doll.

23.Its story time! Have fun! What? You cannot pass through? Well, here is some tips! throw the apple to the opposite bank. and for the two fighting deers, jump on the mushroom to gain the disguise!

24.after the story pick up the paperfold.and go outside.

Chapter III

1.watch TV. pick up the camera and the photo on the tea table. and watch TV. you can pick up an item on the table.

2.go to Meishins Room, pick up the paper on the desk. watch the cutscene. during the cutscene, you must keep press the space key to calm down.

3.go to bedroom, put the disk to the phonogarph. and Meishin doll will be sit by the bed. check it (PAY ATTENTION! the cutscene will be a little horrible.), and pick up the grown.

4.go to living room. get the ragged chipao, its a traditional cloth worn by Chines woman.

5.watch TV. go outside.

6.(PAY ATTENTION!!the incoming cutscene may be horrible!! In the lobby there is a carousels(what???),well it is a rotary table)check it.

7.go to the room of 1980. put your camera on the tripod, take a photo. watch the cutscene. and then check the photo on the tea table.

8.go to Meishins Room, and put the paperflod into the flowerpot.

9.go outside, in the lobby, watch the cutscene. and open the …well, really I don’t know what is it, it looks like a grill, and get a letter.

10.go to the room of 1985. it is full of flower!! its the most beautiful in this game. walk straight. and in Meishins Room, pick up the paper and the fragment of engrave on desk. be careful, the fragment is necessary to pass the game.

11.go to the kitchen. put the chipao and the grown and the red shoe into the wine jar.
12.go outside. in the lobby, you can get a letter. (PAY ATTENTION! the cutscene may be horrible.)

13.go to the room of 1986. you can see a great python, not the python you code with, its a real python that can not move. from the items we have collected, the python is for medical and can cure all of sick.OMG.

14.on the ground you can pick up a piece of paper and a piece of a fragment of engrave. the fragment is very important without which you cannot pass the game. so be careful and make sure you get that.

15.go to living room and watch TV. pick up the photo on the tea table.

16.go outside.

17.go to the room of 1980. go to the bedroom. open the lock on the closet. the password is 0716. (What? You want to get the number by yourself? allright, just remind the number on the photo after you took the photo. watch the cutscene. during the cutscene you must control Meishin crawl to the end.

18.after the cutscene pick the paper and the fragment of engrave, be careful this fragment is necessary.

19.go outside. and go to the room with a blank publicity board.

20.(PAY ATTENTION!! INCOMING is a little horrible.) When you reach the gate, and then is the screen flash, and you try and try to reach the gate. a Ghost is appeared behind you! seriously, it is not a Ghost, it a zombie of Li Fang! Well, sometime I would wonder whether Li Fang, Meishins mother, is dead at the end or where Li Fang go. If she is survived, and why there is Li Fangs zombie? And I check the forum, and some guys say that she is mutilated to make the medicine. OK, maybe I ignore something.

21.Run! otherwise, the zombie of Li Fang will kill you! this is the only to dead in this game. I dont know whether there is a definite way to run out, I dont remember the route. But run to the closed door and open it. dont run to the opened door!

22.Finally, you will find a elevator and enter it. PAY ATTENTION!! the zombie of Li Fang will stumble and crawl to you. OMG. But she will be disappeared.

23.go the gate, and put the engrave on the door.

Chapter IV

This is cicuguanyin.

1.watch the cutscene. the rite of cult is begin! and our protagonist is trying to communicate to the Cicuguanyin(maybe this name, I am not sure, its name is difficult to remember.), the god they worshiped, soul to soul, by the help of mentor He. (Hey guys, you have come to wrong person. Jesus Christ, this guy is who you are looking for.)

2.during the cutscene you should control the protagonist to complete the rite, including the jabbing eyes, plucking tough. So it is a little bloody.

3.After the cutscene, pick up the item on the table. pick up the tape and the item on the inside room. and then turn back, go to the next room, and put the tape into the recorder. and listen it.

4.go outside. go downstairs. open the gate enter.

5.go to the toilet, watch the cutscene.

6.congratulations!! you complete this game!!

Item collection

there are 33 items in the game. and if you follow this guide step by step, you could collect almost all of them.


there are 9 achievements. and I think if you follow this guide step by step, you could unlock almost all of them. I have still two unlocked, maybe I will unlock them in the future.


Well, that is all. Have fun!!

Thanks for those who helped me on the net!

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