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Don’t Starve Together – Address Instruction of Walrus Camp

First of all, It isn’t guaranteed. To be honest nothing is ‘guaranteed’ and Search every where i can tell.

The Walrus Camp will only spawn mobs during Winter. Walrus Camps will spawn on all terrain, except Marsh Biomes.

Single walrus camps are usually found in mosaic/forest biomes. Triple walrus camps are found usually near the deciduous forest in a savannah.

Typical areas

  • meadows
  • deciduous forests
  • swamps (if you get more than one, they are typically in the swamps)

Less often

  • evergreen forests
  • rockylands
  • savannahs

Nearly unseen

  • deserts
  • chess biomes
  • graveyard biomes

I seem to find one 99% of times close to decidious forest but They spawn and are just as random as any random feature of any newly generated world.

The MacTusk Hunting Party will spawn about every 2.5-3 days from a fully functioning Walrus Camp.

If the player stands by the Walrus Camp as Winter sets in, it won’t become occupied until it is off-screen. Similarly, the camp won’t go away in the Summer until it is off-screen. The Walrus Camp will not light up at night if all members of MacTusk N’ Son are dead. At night, the party will not spawn from the Walrus Camp unless the two Blue Hounds guarding the camp spot the player or other Mobs.

To kill MacTusk without taking too much damage, chase MacTusk far enough to the point where it will ignore the player and attempt to walk back to its home. It will continue to walk even if being hit by the player. Since the Blue Hounds are closer to Wee MacTusk and being too far from home, the player will be able to kill MacTusk without much trouble. After the kill, simply go back and finish off the Blue Hounds.

Since Walrus Camps keep respawning the party it’s possible to trap them or kill them as they spawn. One of the best ways is to build 3 or 4 Pig Houses and make the Pigs fight the walruses and Hounds. However, Pigs will only attack the hounds but not the 2 walruses unless provoked.

Bases near Walrus Camps are ill-advised since the hunting party has a long range.

Written by yashar.abbasnejad

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