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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Adult Community Board Setup

The Community Boards are a small but neat Bonus to the Game itself. There are 7 different Boards, each with a specific role.

  1. Z Warrior – Attack Boosting
  2. Cooking – Stat Boosting
  3. Training – Minor Defense Boosting + Major EXP Boosting
  4. Development – Machine Building
  5. Gods – Increase of Currency gained
  6. Adult – Money sustain and Rate of Rare Items on Maps
  7. Adventuring – Increase of Healing

What’s needed to max out the Community Boards?
Each Board got a set amount of Slots and needs exactly this amount x25 to reach Rank 10. Sadly there are 96 Slots in total but just 83 Soul Emblems. So in the End you need a avg. Stat of 29 on each Soul Emblem to reach Rank 10 on all boards.

So in the end we’ll take in some links to achieve this without the need to upgrade every Emblem towards our needs. Besides not every Emblem got 25 Stats on the needed Slots to begin with. There are a lot with less than 15 max Points on any Stat.

Where do I get all Soul-Emblems?
I compiled a lot of data inside of a Google Doc. Inside of it you see where you can get the Soul-Emblems, what friendship Rewards they got for you and also what their base and max stats without Secrets for Success are.

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Google Doc

Adult Community Board Setup


Master RoshiMaster ShenSaibamanTurtleNamWorld Tournament AnnouncerBaba
Android 19Android 20

Leading the Adult Community Board is Master Roshi, who has a total of 8 Soul Emblem spots available to be filled. Requiring a total level of 225 to reach the maximum level, this board excels in a number of useful areas as places have the chance to increase not only their Chance of Frenzy during battle, but also Item Selling Prices. That’s not all, as players can also receive the ability to reduce their Item Purchasing Prices by up to 20%.

Listed below are the following reward buffs for achieving each of the 10 available rewards.

  • Rank 1: Chance of Frenzy +5%
  • Rank 2: Item Selling Price +5%
  • Rank 3: Item Purchase Price -5%
  • Rank 4: Chance of Frenzy +10%
  • Rank 5: Item Selling Price +10%
  • Rank 6: Item Purchase Price -10%
  • Rank 7: Chance of Frenzy +15%
  • Rank 8: Item Selling Price +20%
  • Rank 9: Item Purchase Price -20%
  • Max Rank: Chance of Frenzy +50%

It’s end. I hope “Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Adult Community Board Setup” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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