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DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: Ultimate Rating, Ultimate Warrior, Goal Getter, Victory Call

Ultimate Rating + Ultimate Warrior + Goal Getter + Victory Call

Complete list of Battles required to achieve Ultimate Rating, Ultimate Warrior, Goal Getter, and Victory Call.

Be sure to complete the Battles below with these requirements (FREE MODE):

  1. Achieve ALL 3 Battle Objectives for BOTH Camps
  2. Complete Map with ULTIMATE difficulty
  3. Achieve ‘A’ Rating result for BOTH Camps

TIPS: You do not have to complete all 3 requirements above in one go. Try completing Battle Objectives & ‘A’ Rating with ‘Beginner’ difficulty and then complete it again with Ultimate difficulty. Each Battle Objectives can be achieved separately using different officers of your choice. All Battle Objectives, Rating, and Difficulty progress will be saved once stage is completed/cleared.

Be sure to always SAVE your game each time after completing Each Battle Objective.

Try 1,000 – 1,500 K.O’s for each Map to achieve ‘A’ Battle K.O. Rating (do note that some map strangely requires >2,000 K.O’s – Always SAVE your progress before completing it). Always have 2 Bodyguards with ‘Summon Enemy’ skills to earn those additional K.O’s.

[Wei] Battlefield Stages

[Wei] Final Conflict at Guandu
[Wei] Defense of Chang’an
[Wei] Defense of Fan Castle
[Wei] Pacification of Jing Province
[Wei] Defense of Xinye
[Wei] Battle of Zitong

[Wu] Battlefield Stages

[Wu] Assault on Shouchun
[Wu] Invasion of Runan
[Wu] Assault on Xu Province
[Wu] Assault on Xiangyang
[Wu] Defense of Jiangling

[Shu] Battlefield Stages

[Shu] Defeat Lu Bu
[Shu] Clash at Changban
[Shu] Defense of Yong’an
[Shu] Final Conflict at the Wuzhang Plains

[Jin] Battlefield Stages

[Jin] Riot at Luoyang
[Jin] Defense of Shangyong
[Jin] Defense of New Hefei Castle
[Jin] Zhuge Dan’s Secret Plan
[Jin] Pacification of Bashu
[Jin] Battle of Shangyong

[Others] Battlefield Stages

[Others] Runan Rescue Mission
[Others] Final Conflict at Hulao Gate
[Others] Melee at Chibi
[Others] Ten Eunuchs’ Rebellion
[Others] Uprising at Chang’an
[Others] Battle of Changshan
[Others] Battle of Dingtao
[Others] Assault on Xiapi
[Others] Invasion of Xu Province
[Others] Battle of Shouchun
[Others] Assault on Wujun
[Others] Battle of Xiaopei
[Others] Clash at Guandu
[Others] Recapture of Chang’an

Additionally, complete these too (Single Camp):
[Others] Getaway from Hulao Gate
[Others] Capture of Puyang
[Others] Showdown at Xiapi

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