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Dyson Sphere Program Best Starting Seeds

Collection of Seeds with exceptionally good starting conditions.

Speedrun candidates

00550772(by Pharue)
Tidal locked inner planet, fire ice on outer planet, deuterium gas giant (Optimal early game system), 5 O-class stars in cluster (If anyones playing this seed can you provide more info on these O-stars and other interesting very near stars ?

95912102 (by Dunbant)
A gas giant with 3 moons (fast logistics). The gas giant is the only source of Fire Ice (0.63/s) and the third moon has 150% wind power and 100% construction area (very effective midgame power generation via XChanger). 2 O-class stars.

Best Seeds

74564148Almost perfect
Tidal locked Lava Planet
Gas Giant Fire Ice
Ashen gelisol Planet with Fire Ice

52967102 Of Ice and Fire
Everything has Fire Ice. Gas Giant has two moons.

Ice planet – Fire Ice
Gas Giant – Deuterium
Arid Desert – 150% Wind efficiency

Good Seeds

Gas Giant – Deuterium
Gobi Planet 1:4 Orbital resonance

Deuterium Gas Giant
Tidally locked Gobi Planet 114% solar eff.

16180339 The Golden Ratio
Gas giant has horizontal rotation (your starting planet is rotating around the poles of the gas giant)
Lava planet 1:2 orbital resonance
no rares


After trying countless Seeds over six hours (and rushing the first hundred up to Universe Exploration 2), i’m quite sure the starting system can neither have a sulfuric ocean nor any other planetary rare than Fire Ice. Gas Giant has most of the time Fire Ice, rarely Deuterium. Rotational traits are quite rare too.

Special thanks to Flexible Games for making a mod that greatly helped to reduce the time needed to do this. (Link)

If you come across a good seed and want to have it listed here (with your name) leave a message. Minimum stats for a good seed: At least two rotational traits OR 1 rotational trait + 1 rare OR Deuterium + Fire Ice.

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Written by Thyriel

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