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Eastshade Quests Walkthrough

A list of all the quests and what you need to do to complete them.

Main Quests

Help an Old Woman (Tutorial)
  • Bring her the book from inside the sleeping quarters

Mother’s Last Wishes (Main Quest)

  • Paint The Great Shade – pay 60 glowstones at the Toll Bridge to get there
  • Paint from the highest peak in the Restless Reach – complete “The Air Balloon” quest
  • Paint anywhere in the Tiffmor Bluffs – you’ll need a bloomsac raft or a reed boat
  • Paint the view from the very top of the university in Nava – you’ll need to complete “The Top of Nava” quest

Leaving Eastshade

  • Once you have completed “Mother’s Last Wishes” you will get this quest
  • In Lyndow or Nava, someone will approach you with a letter and a free pass to get on any ship
  • Talk to the captain at the end of the Lyndow dock and she can take you home


An Artist in Training

  • Talk to the little girl, Sanja, in the middle of Lyndow
  • Follow her to find some boards
  • Ask or look around for some fabric (talk to Doruk who is working in the docks and he will give you 6 fabric)
  • Use 2 boards and 2 fabric to make a canvas
  • Do a painting
  • Give her a canvas (optional)

Stuck in a Jug

  • In the house next to the Inn, talk to Eshan (he has a jug on his head)
  • Go and get Nika. She will most likely be in the Inn next door
  • Go back to Eshan with Nika
  • Go to Emine’s house down the stairs and across the courtyard to get some soap. Ask her about Eshan to get another quest called “An Unsuitable Parent” (“what’s the dirt?”).
  • Return to Eshan’s house and give the soap to Nika

An Unsuitable Parent

  • In the Stuck in a Jug quest, ask Emine on the gossip about Eshan
  • Report to The Sherrif in Nava or tell her to do it

A Prank of Pastries

  • Speak to Ennio across the bridge in Lyndow
  • Meet him in Nava at the Bakery
  • Talk to Sergio
  • Talk to Ennio (10 glowstones)

The Architect of Lyndow

  • Read the book on the upper floor of the Inn
  • Go to the Abandoned Tower at night (buy meadowspice mead from Nika if you don’t have a coat)
  • Talk to Ingov about the architect of Lyndow
  • Go inside and up the ladder to talk to Azad. Tell him about the book which praised his work
  • Meet Azad in Lyndow during the day
  • Paint him Lyndow, with the Inn, Gazebo and Town Hall within the frame (40 glowstones)

The Abandoned Tower

  • Approach the Abandoned Tower and try to open it
  • Talk to Ingov at night by the Abandoned Tower and ask him about the Architect of Lyndow

A Pompous Patron

  • Talk to Emerik who is sitting by the fire in the Lyndow Inn
  • Paint Emerik (25 glowstones)

Feathers for Quills

  • Talk to Yunus near the dirt path, just outside Lyndow
  • Give him 3 feathers (10 glowstones)

The Great Shade

A Rare Bird

  • Talk to Anika in her house
  • Bring her a painting of an owl. You can find one around The Great Shade – listen for the hooting (30 glowstones)

A Wounded Waterfox

  • Talk to the Park Ranger on the path near The Great Shade
  • Go to the cave with the Waterfox. It is behind him in the rocks
  • You can find the eggs in nests on the ground. Use eggs as bait in the wooden box inside the cave. Stand back for the waterfox to go in
  • Wait for the Park Ranger to rush in and heal the fox. He will show you how to make a tent

Cartographer’s Ink

  • Go to Kestrel’s Aerie, the Inn on the hill near The Great Shade Go upstairs and talk to the Cartographer.
  • Give her 4 inky caps and she will give you a map

A Strange Fortune

  • Use the zip trolley from the tower near The Great Shade to get to Roshanara’s tree house
  • Pick a blackthistle for her or refuse
  • Find 5 scragweed and bring them to her (20 glowstones)

Blushwood Forest

Chorus of the Night

  • Talk to Ranya inside her house (between the hot air balloon and Blushwood Forest
  • Find the drummers at night. You might want to use a tent as they do not come out every night. They are not far from Aysun’s tent, south of the shore of the lake
  • Return to Ranya
  • Go and talk to the librarian, Leela in Nava’s university library
  • Find the book in shelf C
  • Meet Alejo at midnight by Mudwillow’s Mirror
  • Give Alejo a painting of Nava’s skyline and go with him to his home (70 glowstones)

The Little Mice

  • Talk to Fynn in the garden of Ranya’s house
  • Bring him 7 sticks
  • Come back the next day
  • Visit K&K apothecary south of the Blushwood Forest
  • Return to Fynn (10 glowstones)

Second Chances

  • This quest follows on from “The Little Mice”
  • Talk to Anika in her house (on the road south of The Great Shade)
  • Return to Kai
  • Take the Hydrathisle to Zahra in one of the university bedrooms in Nava
  • Return to Kai with the results
  • Come back a few days later for your reward (30 glowstones)

Mudwillow’s Riddle

  • Near the edge of the lake on the Northern side, there is a mirror with a riddle. As soon as the eclipse is finished a light will shine from the mirror. Use the two mirrors nearby to direct the light to a wooden platform. Stand on the platform and you’ll fall through a trap door
  • The answer to the riddle is to paint the eclipse whilst standing by a structure on the Western side of the Blushwood forest, creating an eye.
  • Bring her the painting and she’ll give you Mudwillow’s Tincture

A Bitter Fish

  • Talk to Aysun by her tent at the side of the lake
  • Buy a fishing rod in Nava and then Fish for a thunder trout or buy one in Nava
  • Go to the dock on the Tiffmor Bluffs side of the lake, west of the Sinkwood Inn
  • Catch Old Pops using the thunder trout. He looks like a big sandfish in the water. Hold down the left mouse button to reel him in, but when the line turns orange let go or it will snap. Keep him or throw him back
  • Bring the wedding ring back to Aysun, and Old Pops if you have him (30 glowstones)
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The Thief of Sinkwood Inn

  • Use the bloomsac raft to get to Sinkwood Inn, in the middle of the lake by Blushwood Forest
  • Talk to the Inn keeper Kevork. Talk to him a second time and he will give you the key to all the rooms
  • In Radmila’s room under the stairs there is a book with a number code in it. Use the code to open the box in Vadim’s room upstairs
  • Eventually Nikol will return and the real detective will also arrive soon after. The real thief is Helena. (40 glowstones)
  • Talk to the historian outside and he will give you the schematic for the reed boat.

Admission into Nava

  • Talk to 3 people you have helped to get recommendations e.g. Nika, Park Ranger, Onur, Anika, Cartographer

A Marketplace Romance

  • Talk to Evelina near the entrance of Nava
  • Go to the market down the steps to find Leilani. Ask her about her favourite place
  • Return to Evelina and tell her to go to the hot springs
  • Return to Evelina a day later

Toxic Tubers

  • Talk to Tam by the entrance to Nava
  • Find the four people who bought the Toxic Tubers:
  • Pipa, near the indoor garden and a cart full of hay bales
  • Horf, outside the market building sitting on the ground
  • Jarrik, under a tree near the watermill
  • Leilani, in the market place
  • Return to Tam


  • Talk to Osha in Nava, down the street past the watermill
  • Do the quest “An Exclusive Club”
  • Return to Osha and give him the Roots password for the sealant

An Exclusive Club

  • On the Seltspring coast, talk to Halem on the beach
  • Do the quest “Mudwillow’s Riddle” to get Mudwillow’s Tincture
  • Use Mudwillow’s Tincture to find the necklace. Use the water in your inventory after you find the necklace, which is in the water nearby
  • Give Halem the necklace and he will give you the Roots password
  • Use the password to get into the Roots club in Nava

Tiem’s Command

  • Activate a “Save Our Goddess” poster in Nava
  • Find Samiya at the Obelisk in the Tiffmor Bluffs and accept the Antidote
  • Use the Antidote on the tea vine and tell Simaya (30 glowstones) OR tell the Roots Leader what Simaya asked you to do and give her the Antidote. As a reward you’ll get a book called “Ancient Brews” with 3 tea recipes

An Artist for Hire

  • Talk to the Art Dealer inside the marketplace and show him your paintings
  • Bring 3 paintings to Yevheniy in one of the university bedrooms

An Elixir of Life

  • Buy a bottle of Melek’s Elixir of Life
  • Sell the bottle to Zahra, who is in one of the university bedrooms (20 glowstones)
  • Find the 5 hot springs
  • Restless Reach
  • Seltspring Coast
  • Westerly Woodlands
  • Westspring Bluff
  • Howling Caverns
  • Return to Nava. Melek will approach you at the university. Give him the samples or give them to Zahra.
  • Wait for Zahra to finish her tests and then come back to her

Western Eastshade

Toma’s Apples

  • Talk to Toma at his farm
  • Follow the trail of apples and apple cores to some children in the woods
  • Return to Toma and tell him about the children (20 glowstones)
  • Find the West Tower on the Sandysnout Beach on the Western side of the forest
  • Use a reed boat to sail Northwards a bit to find the Hidden Cove – there is a camp and a broken bridge.
  • Complete the quest “Sheltered from the Wind”

Sheltered from the Wind

  • This quest is linked to Toma’s Apples
  • Talk to Tamik on the beach at the Hidden Cove, on the Western Shore of the Tiffmor Bluffs
  • Make a rope out of twine
  • Use the top of the bridge to attach the rope to it to rescue Tamik

Locked Box

  • Find the locked box in the Tiffmor Bluffs on the Western edge by using the zip trolley, climbing down the stairs by the cliff, or going down the zip line in the Gorge
  • Bring the locked box to Lady Samia in the university in Nava or the Park Ranger near The Great Shade
  • If you go to the Park Ranger, he will tell you to take the box to the Inn up the hill

Dormant in the Ice

  • Use the reed boat to sail up to Oceans Breath to the Excavation site
  • Talk to Commander Liliana and the rest of the crew
  • Sleep in the tent provided
  • Talk to the crew
  • Go into the cave
  • Use the boxes to reach the floating flame. You’ll need 4 or 5
  • Talk to Liliana

Paintings and Commissions


  • Give Nika a painting of the eclipse (20 glowstones)


  • A simple chicken – there are many chickens in Nava (15 glowstones)
  • A watermill – there is a watermill near the entrance of Nava (20 glowstones)
  • A portrait of despair – paint Horf just outside the market building sitting on the ground (15 glowstones)
  • A cob house in the country – you can paint Anika’s house (15 glowstones)
  • A lonely tower – paint any tower that’s not the one near Nava. There is one near The Great Shade, or use The Abandoned Tower (15 glowstones)
  • A small stone bridge – there is one by The Great Shade (15 glowstones)
  • A natural arch – there’s one made of rocks down the slope from the hot air balloon, or in the Northern Tiffmor Bluffs (20 glowstones)
  • A mountainous snowscape – paint in the Restless Reach (35 glowstones)
  • A windmill – paint one of the windmills in the Tiffmor Bluffs (25 glowstones)
  • The Tiffmor Ruins – paint the Tiffmor Ruins which is in the South of Tiffmor Bluffs (35 glowstones)
  • A starry cavern – paint the inside of the Howling caverns which you can get to via zip lines in the Gorge or go down the cliff steps on the Western side of the Tiffmor Bluffs (30 glowstones)
  • A cave of ice – paint the inside of the cave in Ocean’s breath. Use a boat to get there and do the “Dormant in the Ice” quest (50 glowstones)
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