Endzone A World Apart Tips to reach the Endgame

Endzone A World Apart Tips to reach the Endgame

Tips to reach the Endgame


  • Its control is the key!
  • Expand to around 20 houses. After that build Shelters to keep population groth under control.
  • Once overpopulation becomes a problem, don`t try hard to rescue them all. See it as a help from mother nature.
  • Save your ressources for better times after the mass dying.

Water supply

  • Try to get independant from water collectors,
  • Get a Rainwater Collector as soon as possible, and continue to build them regulary. There gonna be seemingly never ending dry seasons, so better double on them. Once you get forced to send all your workers to collect water, you gonna die a slow death.
  • In endgame, the only workforce for water supply should work in the irrigation systems. Keep an eye on the ground water. If there is enough clean rain, send the workers of the irrigation systems somewhere else. Its an important part of the micromanagement.

Food supply

  • Fields are the way you want to go into late game. Everything else is just for early game or if you want to increase your storage for hard times, even Orchards.
  • To make fields efficient, you need to protect them from contamination by covering it from radioactive rain (weather station – setup mediumshould be fine) and ensure an irrigation system is handling dry seasons.

Scrap and Wood Ressources

  • In the midgame you need to for further away from your village center for harvesting scrap and wood in reasonable amounts.
  • To keep it efficient, setup a Warehouse close to the ressource building! For Logging Huts, i recommend a combination of two huts close to each other, one is focussing on reforesting with half workforce, the other one cuts down or uses mixed mode.

Basic Build order

  • After the first mandatory buildings are finished, get a school as soon as possible. This makes sure, your people not eating tools and protection clothes like candy. (at least it should do so – i`m not sure about it`s working yet)
  • Follow up with 2 buildng producing plastic, build more basic houses. (you can upgrade them later)
  • Once you have enough plastic to build your first rainwater collector, send the water carrier into the food production (Orchards are good for early game)
  • After this you can go into a refinery and move on depending on your needs.

Some more tips

  • Yes, Joints and a bonfire are great for boosting your population but don`t forget to disable them if you feel you might get to many children.
  • In the late game and a population of ~150 people, one Medical Center is not enough!
  • Keep space between your industrial buildings for electrical posts.
  • The consumption of protection suits is crazy, probably it`s even impossible right now to keep enough stock for your people.

It’s end. I hope “Endzone A World Apart Tips to reach the Endgame” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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