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Enshrouded How to Build Glider & Grappling Hook

How to Build Glider

Enshrouded How to Build Glider

You can unlock the recipe for the Glider as early as the cave passage you take from the Cinder Vaults to the plains. Defeat the creatures in here, and when you loot your bodies you’ll pick up Shroud Spores. This is needed to craft the Glider, so it’ll immediately unlock when you pick these up.

You’ll also need Shroud Wood, however, which you can get from chopping down trees in the Shroud. Head off into the Shroud to follow the second questline, but feel free to come back and craft your Glider before completing it, so you’ll have the handy tool early on. This can be used to fly across Embervale, but it uses up stamina when doing so, so keep an eye on the wheel.

Bonus Point – Unlock the Airborne Skill in the Assassin Skill Tree to reduce Stamina consumption when using the Glider by 30%.

How to Build Grappling Hook

When you’ve found the Blacksmith, you’ll also encounter a group of Scavengers at the entrance of the Ancient Vault. Scavengers will have Metal Scraps on them, which you’ll need to build a Grappling Hook. Loot the area around the Ancient Vault, and their bodies to pick up enough Metal Scraps to at least get this key piece of kit equipped early on.

You can’t go very far with exploration or completing the main story without the Grappling Hook, so you should get this and the Glider equipped as soon as possible!

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