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Epic Battle Fantasy 5 – Code Breaking

This guide shows you some codes that reveal chests.


The Code Breaker achievement is earned by entering in one of the games hidden codes. Thankfully we get clues as to what these codes are. There are 6 codes, 5 in the forgotten temple and 1 in the jungle, that each reveal a chest and will earn this achievement.

Jungle Code

At one point in the jungle you will come across aset of 5 levers. Arrange them like this to make a hidden chest fall from the sky and earn teh Code Breaker achievement. This is the earliest point to earn the achievement.

Temple Codes

In the Temple area you’ll find a set of 9 pedestals to place flowers on. There are 5 flower arrangements that will make chests fall from the sky and earn the Code Breaker achievement.

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  1. What exactly hints at these codes? I remember the lever one is hinted by the symbols under the monolith but what about the flowers?


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