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Everlasting Summer Alisa Good and Bad Endings Guide

This guide is for those who are trying to get the achievements for Alisa.

Alisa Good Ending Achievement

  • 1) At the beginning of the game, select, “No, I’ll rather stay here”.
  • 2) Do not reply to Slavya.
  • 3) When Elektronik runs from Alisa, stay where you are and do nothing.
  • 4) Take the Keys with you.
  • 5) Keep silent with Lena.
  • 6) Go get the cards alone.
  • 7) Bet against Alisa and win against her. (You MUST beat her in the game.)
  • 8) Wait a minute with Zhenya.
  • 9) Tell Viola that Olga asked for you to help tonight.
  • 10) Investigate the guitar noise.
  • 11) Tell Alisa that you will come.
  • 12) Run away from Ulyana on cleaning up the mess.
  • 13) Tell Olga that you were with Alisa.
  • 14) Give Alisa the Carbon.
  • 15) Go with Alisa to find Shurik.
  • 16) Going with either Lena or Slavya to find strawberries won’t matter.
  • 17) When meeting Alisa in the library, stay on guard.
  • 18) And Finally, Find out what Alisa and Lena are arguing about.

Do all these correctly and you’ll get the Good ending Achievement!

Alisa Bad Ending Achievement

  • Just mess up on 2-3 parts of the course and you’ll get the bad ending instead.
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Alisa Good and Bad Ending Achievement Guide

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