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Evil Bank Manager – Tips and Tricks

Hope this helps all starters.

Tips and Tricks

#0 – Choose the faction of your choice,decide visely depending on your gameplay.

#1 – First I skipped the tutorial because it forces me to chose a bad candidate for investments.

#2 – I always chose the most expensive candidates because they offer more limit for all jobs.

Investment candidates are first. When you pick them look for the values in column “i”,the higher the better.they let you buy investments which give you resources that you sell to expand.

Capital candidates are second. When picking them look for values in column “c”,the higher the better. They allow you to offer credits for a larger amount of money which means more interest at the end.

Espionage candidates are third. When picking them look for value in column “s”,the higher the better. They allow you to influence the countries you opened up so you can have better relations.

Guards candidates are fourth. When picking them look for values in a column “g”,the higer the better. They allow you collect or take property when the debt is not paid.

#3 – Open a new country on a map screen, so you know small countries with one territory are cheap to open, the more territory the country has the more expensive is to open them. I open the small ones in the beginning give me an easier upgrade of buildings.

#4 – Investments bought luxuries, iron and wood (to make weapons) and them luxuries. I did not bother with food and real estate not profitable enough.

#5 – The more countries you open the more you can upgrade your headquarters which enables you to upgrade all your buildings. Which give you an option to hire more workers which give you more limit investments and loans or influence and fear. It also allows you to upgrade the weapons building offering to make complex weapons (muskets) which need iron and coal but can be sold for higher price.

#6 – Most important when making weapons do not sell them on exchange panel go on the map and find a conflict (shows a sword sign) and sell them there for a higher price (if one of the countries you opened is in the war and you sell it to them they have a high chance of winning the war), In that panel are also investment you give some money get a random property which is disabled for selling in the luxury panel.

#7 – Point of the game is to buy 51% of IMF (or Federal reserve Bank), there will be an auction every couple of turns the higher the percentage of shares the more expensive the auction is going to be,so make a lot of money.

Written by Vlade

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