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Fallout 76 – Accessing the Bunker Walkthrough

Accessing the Bunker

Remember those deathclaws….well…you will have to get a little close to them now. In order to get access to the bunker, you will need the Bypass Holotape which is located in the deathclaw nest to the left when facing the elevator doors.

You can try to avoid a fight but chances are one of those deathclaws wont be to happy about you searching through her nest. Both deathclaws are level 20 so come prepared! Deathclaws move fast and hit hard, so engaging them one at a time is definitely ideal. You may get lucky and find the Deathclaws slain by another survivor, however I wouldn’t count on that.

Once you have the bypass holotape in your inventory, head back to the elevator and play the holotape from your Pipboy. Unlike other holotapes, there will be no animation of you injecting the tape, your Pipboy will just give off an odd frequency. Once the tape is finish, interact with the secure access panel once again, but this time the elevator should take you down to the bunker below.

Next up is Disabling the Bunker Security.

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