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Fallout 76 – An Organic Solution Walkthrough

An Organic Solution

  • Daisycutter (a Modded Fatman)
  • Radshield
  • Random Ammo
  • A Random Aid Item.

The quest is initially a miscellaneous one that directs players to a location called Ella Ame’s Bunker. After using the terminal inside the bunker. Go to the “Research studies” option and then select “Radshield”. This will begin the quest.

After exiting the bunker, the players must traverse through the forest to the North and reach the Southhampton Estate location. Inside, they will find Ella Ame’s body, looting the research data off her corpse is one part of the quest done.

After using the Holotape, a radio tracking prompt will present itself to the player, which will then lead to a scavenger hunt of sorts using the radio-tracking signal that works similar to the Courser Tracker from Fallout 4.

The items presented to the player for finding are bonemeal, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. After finding these items in the Dyer chemical facility, take them up to the third floor to input into a terminal.

This is where the Radshield will be crafted, fertilizer then being flushed and dumped into the river.

The player must then jump into the Western river and locate the Strangler Bloom. After retrieving the item, the player will take it to their nearest station and craft Radshield that then completes the quest.

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