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Fallout 76 – Exploring the Secure Room Walkthrough

Exploring the Secure Room

Once you are through the laser grid, the hallway will lead you to Senator Sam Blackwell’s Secure room within his bunker. While exploring the room you will come across a keypad on the wall that requires you to enter an access code.

On a desk to the left, you will see Sam’s terminal with his Journal inside. Inspecting each entry will provide more context to Sam and his final days, slowly losing his mind to an undisclosed disease. Sam lost Judy on 02/15/84 to “the disease” losing her almost as quickly as she fell ill. Putting Judy’s day of death into the keypad unlocks a secret compartment behind a painting next to his desk.

Reaching behind the painting will give you a holotape titled “Welcome to the Whitespring” and a Congressional Access Card.

Listen to the holotape you just acquired and that is it! This Bunker has been busted. Listen to the holotape closely as it triggers the next Enclave quest, One of Us.

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