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Fallout 76 – How to prevent radiation?

How to prevent radiation?

Rad-X provides temporary radiation protection.

Prevention is better than cure, as we know. According to this principle, it is advisable to follow the instructions below, which help to counteract radiation:

  • In the statistics section of the Pip-Boy, you will find the radiation resistance level. This level can be raised continuously by the armor; using Rad-X temporarily boosts the resistance as well.
  • Eating and drinking uncooked food very often results in a dose of radiation. You can do this quite easily – boil the water first and fry the meat. Consuming processed food results in a smaller portion of advice and sometimes completely eliminates it.
  • Also, check out the perk called Lead Belly. At the first and second level of the card, the perk reduces the percentage of radiation received from food (30% and 60% respectively), and at the third level, it completely eliminates it. If you upgrade the Lead Belly perk to the third level, you may not worry about the radiation from food and e.g. eat raw meat and drink water straight from dirty reservoirs.
  • Many opponents are irradiated – ghouls are the most common example. If possible, avoid close contact with radioactive enemies and kill them from a distance. Of course, it is also worth avoiding irradiated places and leaving them as soon as possible if you have to visit them.

However, if the level of radiation has risen to dangerous values, then you must use (RadAway) – this is the only way to reduce the radiation taken and restore the health bar to a normal value. However, take into account that RadAway lowers the health and thirst index – it is better to prepare a snack and drink.

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