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Fallout 76 – Repair Scorched Detectors Walkthrough

Repair Scorched Detectors

Now it is time to head out into The Mire and repair five Scorched Detectors using those Upgraded Motors. The first is located right near Abbie’s Bunker, so follow the quest marker over and upgrade it with one of your motors.

From there continue to follow the road south. All five Scorched Detectors are located along that main road, so keep walking and keeping an eye out for them on the side of the road.

Groups of Super Mutants, Feral Ghouls, and Scorched Wanderers are likely to bother you as you make your way down the road, so be sure to bring along some healing items. Also be sure to unlock any locations you see on the side of the road so you have respawn options in case you happen to die.

After activating the fourth Scorched Detector I was immediately attacked by a level 50 Diseased Scorchbeast. I wasn’t sure if this was a random event or part of the quest, but I recommend running past and getting to the final Scorched Detector as quickly as possible. Hopefully you are able to shake the Scorchbeast and warp out without dying.

Next up isĀ Speak to Rose.

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